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Frank has to hide when Gerard's mother arrives home unexpectedly.

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Frank is expected any minute and I'm almost shaking with anxiety. I've missed him so much and I can't wait to have him back in my arms. I'm trying to find a way to get my parents out of the house. They don't know about my sexuality or our relationship and I wanted to keep it like that.
They knew me and Frank were best friends and allowed him over for 'sleepovers' and my birthday parties, sometimes even let me invite him for Christmas.
They want me to find love in a perfect girl. Y'know, head of the cheerleader team, intelligent. They wanted me to find someone and get married and give them grandbabies'. Little do they know I've found he perfect life in my heavily tattooed, long-haired short-arse.

I finally convinced them to go and visit my Aunt Cathy who lives in New York. She's just had a new baby so that's perfect reason for them to visit. I anxiously watched the clock as my mum dithered around the house adding pointless things to the TARDIS she calls a handbag. She already has her phone, phone charger, purse, makeup bag, notepad, 4 pens, pencil case and a phone book...what else do women need?!

I ushered them out of the door when they finally announced that they were ready to go after a grand total of 3 hours and 32 minutes after they decided to get ready.
I figured they would be gone until at least 9pm tonight so that gave me plenty of time for me and Frank.
The timing of Frank's arrival was almost perfect, as soon as I heard my parents' car pull out; I heard Frank's pull in.
I opened the front door to see him slamming the door of his battered pick-up truck; I ran to him and picked him up in a hug, squeezing him tightly. I buried my head in the curve of his neck as I inhaled his precious scent.
"Hi baby," he chuckled as I held him. It had been 3 weeks since I spoke to him and I never wanted this moment to last, I had missed him so much it hurt.
"I've missed you so much. Please never go again." I whined as I continued to hold him. He grabbed me by my waist and pushed me back slightly before kissing me without giving me chance to react. My body melted into the kiss as I pulled my arms around his waist, moaning slightly.
He pulled back to look at me before smirking, and grabbing me by my shirt, pulling me into the house. He pushed me forward as he turned around and locked the door before he jumped at me, forcing me to the wall and kissing me hungrily. Everything was a blur as we removed each other's clothes while fumbling up the stairs.
I opened my bedroom door and we both fell in, collapsing onto the bed. Everything was going so fast, it took me by surprise when he moved down and took me whole in his mouth. I hadn't even realized my trousers and boxers were gone.
I tangled my fingers into his hair as he bobbed up and down, but a wave of guilt came over me as he abruptly sat up and I ripped his hair.
His hair was damp with sweat and it fell perfectly over his chocolate brown eyes.
fuck, he's sexy
"I wanna try something new..." he mumbled before he stood up and wandered off, everything was quiet until I heard him coming back up the stairs.
He stood in front of me with his bag. I realized now he was taking his chance to be spontaneous. He had never really been spontaneous before and in the whole 3 years of our relationship it would always be me doing him and this excited me, I was curious as to what games he had up his sleeves.
He kneeled on the bed in front of me, keeping his bag by his side. I was vulnerable, my cock against my stomach, throbbing and aching for him to touch again.
"What's that?" I asked, a pathetic whimper, barely audible.
he bit his lip gently before he reached into the bag and pulled multiple pairs of silver shiny handcuffs.
He had 4 pairs in his hand, as he held them up to me, swinging them slightly.
"Finally, it's my turn..." he said breathlessly, smirking. He was always scared that if he took control he would do something wrong and ruin the relationship entirely. I've assured him that I'm not that shallow.
He pulled a tie out of the bag and bit his lip as he smirked, before he quickly blindfolded me. I couldn't see and I had to rely on sounds to tell me what was going to happen. For a few seconds there was silence as I waited for something to happen and I gasped when I felt his hand wrap around my cock. I gasped slightly as he moved his fist up and down, forcing me to whimper weakly.
I felt his warm tongue caress my tip as I throbbed.
"Hmm...I fuckin' missed you." He whispered. He reached up and handcuffed my hands to the posts of the bed, doing the same with my feet.
It wasn't easy to tell what he was doing but I heard the belt of his jeans fall onto the floor. Nothing happened for a few minutes until I felt the bed dip. I heard the snap of a bottle and it hit the floor with a small thud. I waited anxiously and impatiently. I heard him moving and grunting slightly.
"Frank, what're y-...OH!" I gasped, caught off guard as I felt his arse muscles wrap around me.
"ah, fuck!" I groaned. My whole body arched up into him as I heard him groan, it turned me on even more. He slid up gently before moving down again. Sometimes he would move up really slow and slam back down, and that was just...oh my god wow.
Suddenly, I felt him pull away abruptly. I heard his belt jangle about and my hands and feet were freed.
"Frank, wh-..."
"Gerard! I left Aunties present! Do you know where it is?" I heard my mother call. I jumped as I frantically threw the handcuffs and tie under my bed.
"quick! Get under, against the wall, I'll tell you when it's clear." I whispered. I pulled the duvet over myself and pretended to be asleep as I heard my mother coming up the stairs. I kept one eye very slyly open, she stopped at my doorway but didn't say anything when she realized I was 'sleeping'. She looked over at me and frowned slightly before she walked in.
shit, the lube!
she picked up the little blue bottle and tutted, smiling before she put it on my bedside table and left again, shutting my door. I waited a few minutes before I heard her go downstairs, after a little bit I heard 'FOUND IT!' and they left again, I waited still to hear the car pull out and drive away before I told Frank he could come out.
He slid out from under the bed and we both looked at each other before he burst into laughter.
"So...come here you," I groaned as I grabbed him and undid his belt, yanking his jeans down. I flipped him onto his front and pulled him up by his hips. I pushed his head into the pillow. I gently trailed kisses across his guns,
"don't make a sound."
I growled as I traced my tongue over his guns and down his ass.
I sat up and admired him, arse in the air. I grabbed the lube from my table and lathered it over myself, dabbing a bit on my finger and wiping it over his ass, teasing him by pushing a finger in and listening to him whimper. I pushed myself up against him for a minute before I forced myself in and we both groaned. I quickly picked up the pace as we both whimpered at irregular intervals. It didn't take long before I felt a climax approaching (don't judge, I mean, I haven't seen him in weeks!) and before I got chance to announce I was spilling inside of him. I rested for a few seconds before pulling out of him and falling back, breathless. He laid back with his head on my chest, arm around me, pulling me close. I reached over and grabbed my pack of cigarettes, tapping 2 out and handing one to him as I lit mine. We sat smoking for a while, draping ourselves in a cloud of smoke before Frank finally spoke.
"I should be spontaneous more often...I fucking love it when you whimper for me."
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