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My Only Escape Is You

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"You don't know whats hiding in the dark edges of the forest, you never will. For if you find out; you'll die."

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My Only Escape Is You


Hands shaking violently, sobs wracking her frame, the girl ran, picking up speed with each step she took, running across the forest floor, knowing that someone; someone who wanted her dead was closing the gap between the two, as they were hot on her heels.

"No, no no! This can't be fucking happening" She screamed, crying as she ran, tears falling off her bright red cheeks; chest heaving, legs burning, feet causing a numbing sting with every footfall; as they were probably cut up, torn and bruised from running miles across the forest without any protection against the branches and various other items that littered the ground.

"Come here babydoll, it's only a matter of time.. Then, you'll be ours for the taking." A male voice taunted, finding a sick amusement in his words.

"Fuck off!" She screamed; collapsing to the ground, as her legs could no longer hold her small amount of weight she had been putting on them. "You're not real! You're only voices! You can't fucking hurt me!" She squealed; hands covering her ears as she pulled herself into a tight ball, sobs violently wracking her frame as she lay on the forest floor, damp branches and leaves sticking to her body, causing scratches with every sob that passed her lips.

"Look at that; she's just waiting for us now." The other man laughed; looking down at his prey. He walked over to where she lay, releasing a hard kick against her stomach; causing the wind to be forcefully knocked out of her, leaving her gasping for any oxygen that would fill her lungs.

"Ay', D, should we have some fun with her before we bring her back to the guys?" The man put on a smirk, a disgusting smirk as him and his friend approached the girl, hands wandering her frame.

"Don't worry babydoll, this might stop hurting after a while." One man growled, getting ready to do something that would scar the girl for life.

"No...please no!" She begged, attempting to crawl away from her captors, only to be dragged back to her original position by her ankles.

"You fucking bitch; don't try that shit again!" The man yelled; slapping her harshly upside the face.

This nightmarish state lasted for another 20 minutes, give or take; until the girl was awoken. Heart slamming fiercely inside her chest, hands shaking viciously, breathing shallow, tears pricking in her eyes as sobs threatened to escape her lips. Her green eyes searched for anyone, any sort of human contact; she continued scanning the room, until she saw a familiar face, watching her. Pain riddling his features as he watched tears slide down her cheeks and off her chin.

"Are you okay?" He whispered, receiving a harsh nod from the girl.

"I'm really not, to be totally honest." It was all coming back; coming back in detailed, vivid nightmares that ridded her of sleep.
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