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Chapter six

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Jamia and Bob sat on the harbour wall, staring out at the sun setting over the ocean and saying nothing as they just got lost in their own thoughts.

The two of them had been looking for Frank all day. They had walked around the town multiple times until their feet ached too much to carry on; they had plucked up the courage to ask a few people they passed if they had seen their friend, but they received not even a hint of where the young man could be.
Jamia had already lost almost all hope. She didn't see how it would be possible for them to find Frank. The human world was just too big, there were just too many places to look and too many possibilities for what might have happened to Frank. He may be injured, or sick, or even dead and they'd have no way of knowing.

Bob too was beginning to feel like they were simply going to have to give up. He didn't want to give up on Frank, that was the last thing he wanted, but he had to think of their own safety too. He hadn't been up on land for this long before and so much had happened already. The run in with the police had left them both shaken and Bob knew that they only had limited time before they would be unable to get their tails back, though he had no idea what the time limit was. Perhaps it would simply just be better to return to the sea.

"Jamia, listen..." He sighed, turning his head to look at the young woman as she stared with glazed eyes out at the sea. "I... I think we should go home."

Jamia turned to stare at Bob with calm, saddened eyes. The blonde's words were not unexpected, and deep down Jamia wanted nothing more than to return to the world they came from and simply tell everyone that they had been unable to find Frank. But letting go of her best friend was not so easy.

"But you said we wouldn't give up on him Bob... We can't give up on him." She mewled, tears building in her eyes at the thought. She knew in her heart that it was hopeless, and that nothing she said now was going to change Bob's mind or bring Frank back. "He's my best friend..."

"He's my best friend too." Bob nodded, sighing as he bowed his head and ran a hand through his hair. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, feeling sick with stress and just wishing that he knew what to do. He didn't want to go back to the sea and leave Frank behind, but he couldn't think of anywhere that they could go that they hadn't already tried.

"I just... I don't see what we can do Jay." He sighed sadly, slowly turning his gaze back to Jamia. "I hate to say it but we've looked everywhere. I don't know where else we can go."

"There must be somewhere..." Jamia whispered, struggling to swallow the lump in her throat. "Bob there must be. Frank wouldn't give up on us, we shouldn't give up on him."

Bob sighed and shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut again and just taking a moment to try and assess his thoughts. He wanted desperately to agree not to give up and carry on searching but it all just seemed so pointless. He supposed it had been naive of him really; to believe that if he came to the land then he would find Frank with no problem. He hadn't considered that the town would be so big or that trying to navigate the human world could be so difficult. He certainly couldn't see how Frank would be able to survive it on his own if he really was here, and he quietly told Jamia so as they sat on the wall.

"Frank is a smart guy Jay, but I don't know... If he washed up onto the shore because of the storm and he wasn't captured or hurt the only thing that would make sense is that he would have returned to the sea." Bob shrugged and looked back out at the waves, nodding slowly. "He wouldn't have stayed on land if he had any other choice, and so that tells me he's either not here or he's not in a position that he can come back..."

"You mean... He's hurt." Jamia said slowly, feeling a pain in her chest that made it difficult to breathe. Bob's words caused her to imagine Frank lying in some human's home, covered in cuts and bruises and barely holding onto life. She imagined the human torturing him and experimenting on him, imagined him slipping slowly away from them and she couldn't stop the tears from dripping down her cheeks.

"We need to save him Bob, I can't lose him... I just can't."

"Shh, I know." Bob shuffled closer to Jamia and gently wrapped his arms around her. "I know..." He sighed, closing his eyes and resting his cheek against the woman's soft hair as he held her in his strong arms and tried his best to comfort her.

Jamia turned her head and buried her face into Bob's broad chest, crying softly. She knew there was nothing they could do. It simply wasn't possible for them to find Frank; but knowing that didn't make giving up any easier.

"Listen..." Bob sighed, closing his eyes as he held Jamia gently. "There's no point in us staying here. If Frank is around then odds are we're not going to find him, but it’s more than likely that we'll end up getting into some sort of mess if we stay here in any longer. I really think we need to just go."

Bob hated having to say it, he didn't want to give up on Frank any more than Jamia did. He could see now he had been naive to think that they could just come up on land and find their friend. He had endangered them both and now he had to do his best to remedy the situation and get them back to safety. He couldn't bring himself to regret his choice to come on land though, if he hadn't he would have always wondered whether he would have found Frank if he had.

"Let's just... go home." He sighed quietly, gently tilting Jamia's head up so she would look at him. "Do you think?"

Jamia sighed and stared sadly into Bob's eyes. Tears were still running slowly down her cheeks but she knew that the blonde spoke sense. The human world was frightening her and she felt constantly on edge, sitting on the harbour wall so close to the sea was making her ache to return home more than ever and she slowly nodded her agreement.

"Alright." She croaked, her guilt crushing into her and consuming her. "Let’s go home." She breathed, her voice almost breaking. Bob nodded and smiled softly at her, though the pain was clear in his eyes too and he blinked away tears as he lent forward to kiss Jamia's forward.

"We won't lose hope... He might find his way home one day." He whispered, referring to Frank. Jamia nodded, wanting to believe him, but as they stripped of their borrowed clothes and dropped down into the water below she knew that she was probably never going to see Frank again.


Frank was feeling incredible as he lounged on Gerard's sofa and watched the older man paint. Frank had joined him for a while, but he tired of it quicker than Gerard did, it only taking him a little while to finish his painting since his abilities were much lesser than Gerard's. Frank loved his painting though, but of course he adored Gerard's more. He found it astonishing that something so beautiful could be created by just a pair of hands and a brush.

Gerard himself was quiet as he worked on his canvas, concentrating hard on the painting. It seemed like he was engrossed in his work, but his mind was still consumed by the theory he had created at the restaurant that afternoon. He supposed it was ridiculous and he was thinking too much about it, but try as he might he simply couldn't stop.

Frank was so different to anyone Gerard had met, and Gerard had gone to art college... he had met some pretty different people in his life. But Frank... Frank was something else. He had spent the rest of the afternoon and some of the evening chatting to the younger man, trying to learn more about him and figure him out, and the more Frank talked about himself the more convinced Gerard became that he really was very, very different indeed.

Gerard slowly stopped painting and turned to glance at Frank who was watching the TV with bright, interested eyes. He seemed to love the TV, no matter what show was playing he watched it avidly, looking astounded the whole time. Gerard felt it was fairly obvious that Frank had never seen a television before and this got his mind chewing over his theory even more.

"Hey, I'll have this finished in about half an hour and then I'll shower and we can watch a movie. Do you want to shower first now before me?"

Frank gave a soft 'hmm?' and turned his gaze away from the TV screen to look at Gerard instead. He tipped his head to the side with a curious smile, understanding that Gerard was referring to the device in the bathroom but not really knowing what his response should be. After a moment's consideration he nodded, guessing it would be best to agree with Gerard. The artist smiled and nodded back, beckoning for Frank to follow him as he walked to the bathroom.

"Cool, I'll you how to turn it on." He offered, Frank following him without a word. He looked curiously at the shower as Gerard switched it on, jumping slightly when the water began to run and hit the shower tray loudly before the drumming of the droplets against the plastic began a soothing, background noise.

"So if you want to change the temperature you just turn this here, and the head is adjustable so you can lift it up and down and stuff." Gerard stepped back and looked into the shower for a moment, his hands on hips. "And I guess that's it. You can use that towel there, I'll just go get you some fresh clothes to wear."

"Thanks." Frank smiled, turning to grin at Gerard and watch him leave the bathroom before he turned back to the shower and gazed curiously at it. He knew that its purpose was to clean people, and he had known sort of what it would do but it was still fascinating to see the tiny drops of water cascading down from the metal head. The steam that rose from it was even more fascinating and Frank gently moved his hand through the vapour to see how it felt.

The warmth coming from the water shocked Frank and his lips parted in surprise as he dipped his hand beneath the spray and then quickly pulled it back again with a giggle. The water was hot which was something of a surprise, and the beads of water tickled when they fell on Frank's palm. Together it created a myriad of new sensations and Frank couldn't wait to strip down and get into the cubicle.

"Here you are." Frank turned as Gerard came back, carrying a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt for Frank to wear after. "All the shampoos and stuff are just on the side there, use whatever you want." He told him, putting the clothes down on the closed toilet lid before smiling at Frank. "Okay?"

"Uh-huh, thank you Gerard." Frank smiled warmly, his eyes sparkling as he subtly checked out the older man's ass as he left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Once Gerard was gone Frank eagerly stripped out of his clothes and took a moment to stand in front of the mirror to inspect his body. He was still fascinated by his human form, and the genitals weren't looking too disgusting now he was growing used to them. He turned slowly and glanced over his shoulder so he could see the reflection of his backside, biting his lip as he hummed thoughtfully. It was an interesting looking thing, much more attractive than the front view. Frank slid a hand behind himself to squeeze one of the cheeks curiously, finding it to be soft and yet a little firm. As interesting as it all was, he still mostly just wanted to see Gerard's.

The steam from the shower soon had the mirror fogged up and Frank was forced to stop staring at himself. He looked at the mirror with raised eyebrows, not sure why he couldn't see into it anymore but he wasn't an idiot. He could understand that the fog filling the room must have something to do with it so he didn't think on it and instead turned and walked into the shower.

It took Frank a little while to pluck up the courage to stand fully under the shower head. At first he just let his hands into the fall of water, and then his arms and eventually his shoulders. He gasped and flapped his hands slightly at the strange sensation of being coated in hot water, tickling his flesh and making his skin tingle. It was nothing like being in the sea, and he found that the hot water was a true joy to feel on his skin.

As the shower poured down on him Frank quickly slid down onto his knees and then carefully slipped back onto his hands so that he could shift and sit down against one of the glass walls of the cubicle. He knew that getting his legs wet would cause his tail to return, and sure enough as he idly ran his hands through his hair and relished the warmth surrounding him he felt his legs beginning to fuse together.

Frank didn't fight the inevitable, he simply relaxed and watched with interest as his legs seemed to grow a membrane between them, attaching them, and then his feet began to lengthen. He could feel the bones inside disappearing, a not entirely pleasant sensation though it wasn't painful.

Next came the scales, his toes still visible as his skin began to indent into neat rows of scales. His toes disappeared as his feet continued to stretch and become thinner, extending into his caudal fin as his dorsal and pelvic fins began to stretch from his skin.

Frank had never seem the metamorphosis of his tail before having been unconscious when he got his legs, and his mouth gaped open in amazement at how smoothly and quickly it changed. It felt odd not being able to move his legs, his tail feeling numb and alien to him as the scales finished forming and turned black. The fins bled into their old deep red colour and Frank sighed as the feeling in his tail crept back until he was able to move it with ease. It suddenly felt as though he had never had legs.

Frank slowly sank against the wall again, letting the shower water patter over him as he stared at his tail stretched out in front of him. It was so long that the end had to fold up against the wall slightly, his caudal fin sticking to the wet glass. He looked odd even to himself, cramped into the little shower cubicle with his long fish tail. He wasn't sure he liked it; when he was in the sea he thought his tail looked beautiful, but here it just looked out of place.

Frank sighed and closed his eyes, idly flicking the end of his tail every now and then as he just enjoyed the flow of the water over his skin. He wondered what Gerard would do if he ever found out the truth about him. Frank knew the older man was probably aware he wasn't normal, as much as he was trying his hardest he wasn't exactly fitting in. The humans were just so much more complex than Frank had ever expected and their cultures and societal norms were not something he could easily pick up. He was incredibly lucky that Gerard was so good to him and didn't make a show of pointing out Frank's oddities, he was sure he must have some.

Thinking about Gerard reminded Frank that he had mentioned something about shampoo. Opening his eyes Frank looked up to the little inset into the wall where there was an array of multi-coloured bottles that Gerard had pointed out to him. Frank didn't know what shampoo was, but it must be in one of the bottles he reasoned.

Now that his tail was back it was difficult for Frank to stretch up and grab one of the bottles from the shelf. He pressed one hand to the wall and stretched his other arm up as high as he could, using the muscles in his tail to lift his body just enough to brush his fingers against one and knock it off the shelf into his lap.

Frank grinned and picked up the bottle, turning it over in his hands and reading the word 'shampoo' on the front. Intrigued Frank continued to inspect the object, wondering what he was supposed to do with it now. It took him a while before he started to read the small writing on the label on the back, but he was surprised and relieved when he discovered instructions for use.

After reading the instructions three times Frank carefully opened the lid and squeezed a small amount into the palm of his hand. He couldn't imagine what this was supposed to achieve but per the bottles directions he began to massage the liquid into his hair, raising his eyebrows as it lathered up and became bubbles in his hands.

Once again Frank was experiencing something he never had before and he grinned as he washed his hair, massaging his fingers against his scalp and letting the bubbles run down his face and neck, oblivious to what they could do as they got into his eyes and blocked his vision.

Frank chuckled and wiped the bubbles away so he could see, but as he did so a terrible burning sensation in his eyes caused him to gasp and cry out. The pain was intense and on instinct Frank squeezed his eyes shut, tipping his head back and gasping as he rubbed frantically at his eyes beneath the running water of the shower.

Frank didn't know what had happened or whether he was going to be okay, his heart raced frantically as he panicked and shouted in pain. Was he going to go blind? What had he done wrong? He had only been following the instructions.

As Frank rubbed at his closed eyes the stinging began to die down, the pain becoming bearable and Frank spat water out of his mouth as he wiped the rest of the shampoo away. He opened his eyes slowly, wincing at the way they stung again for a moment before calming down again and he looked about with a small sigh of relief; he could still see.

Feeling a little shaken but mostly okay Frank hurried to wash the rest of the dangerous bubbles out of his hair, keeping his head back that time so they wouldn't run into his eyes again. As he was rinsing them out he heard knocking at the door and then Gerard's concerned voice reaching him through the wood.

"Frank? You okay in there?" He called. "I heard shouting, is everything alright?"

Frank blushed and bit his lip, quickly sitting up properly and sliding his tail quickly back into the cubicle, curling it around himself as much as he could as he pressed into the corner and prayed that if Gerard burst in then he wouldn't see the tail through the fogged glass of the shower cubicle.


"I'm fine!" Frank quickly called back, his arms wrapped around his tail. "I just... Got shampoo in my eyes."

"Ah." Gerard sounded as though he understood, his worry leaving his voice as he chuckled. "Oh right, I was worried for a second... You okay now?" He called, Frank nodding frantically.

"Yeah! Yep, I'm fine!" He called back, his heart still hammering erratically as he prayed that Gerard would leave. He couldn't help but feel paranoid that he was going to walk in and discover the truth, so it was a great relief when the artist simply called a 'okay, good' in response and then the sound of him walking away could be heard.

Frank exhaled slowly and closed his eyes, tipping his head back to rest against the wall as he slowly relaxed. That had been too close for comfort... Allowing his tail to appear whilst in Gerard's apartment was too risky, he couldn't let himself be seen like this by anyone or he could jeopardize the whole of his species.

Still trembling slightly Frank leant forward again and allowed his tail to stretch out as he gingerly made sure all the shampoo was out of his hair. He never wanted to use the damn stuff again and he shoved the offending bottle back onto the shelf with a scowl. He felt wounded that Gerard hadn't warned him, but then he supposed all humans already knew about not getting it into their eyes.

Frank supposed he still had much to learn.

Feeling a little dejected and out of place Frank leaned him so that he could turn the shower off as Gerard had demonstrated to him, his skin feeling cold and damp once the water stopped running. Frank looked at his tail for a moment, leaning up on his hands ready to drag himself out of the shower.

With his lip between his teeth Frank slowly began to move out of the cubicle, struggling to keep quiet and not hit anything with his tail as he worked the muscles in it to help slide his body round and then backwards out of the shower.

The tiled floor was cold on his scales as he dragged himself out of the shower with blushing cheeks. He felt a little embarrassed and humiliated, dragging himself around like a seal on the shore. His tail always seemed so beautiful and graceful... but that was in water. Out of it he just looked ridiculous.

Frank sighed and grabbed the towel that was hanging on the rail, bringing it down to his tail first, rubbing gently over it to try and dry it quicker. Not only would it be horrendous if Gerard walked in and saw him like this, but he wanted his legs back. His tail was ugly and stupid in the human world and Frank hated it.

It took a few minutes of rubbing the length of his tail and fins with the towel before Frank's legs started to return. The metamorphosis for this was much more uncomfortable and Frank had to clench his teeth as he fell back onto his elbows and watched with pained eyes as his tail split right down the middle. At first the two halves still just looked like two separate tails, as if he had become a Melusine - A species of mermaid that lived in fresh water. They existed only in Europe and Frank was pretty sure they had no men in their tribes, which was probably for the best as this double tail just looked even more unattractive in Frank's opinion.

It was a relief when the two tails began to change in colour, the scales disappearing as the end fins became feet again. The sensation of the bones growing inside them made Frank almost cry out; it wasn't that it was particularly painful but it was a horribly alien sensation.

Frank squeezed his eyes shut for a long moment, focusing on just keeping silent as he waited for his legs to morph. When he opened his eyes again he sighed in relief to see his human body was completely back to normal and he smiled as he slowly wiggled his toes. He was suddenly incredibly grateful that he had been unconscious for his first metamorphosis and he sighed as he shakily got to his feet.

Frank got dried and dressed quickly then, stooping down after to wipe the water off the floor before he made his way out of the bathroom and back to where Gerard was finishing off his painting. Frank felt exhausted after what had turned out to be a rather eventful shower and he groaned as he flopped down onto the sofa, feeling weak.

Gerard was just cleaning his paintbrushes and he turned to smile at Frank as he rubbed some tissue over them to dry them. He raised his eyebrows at how tired Frank looked and cocked his head to the side.

"You okay?" He asked curiously, Frank forcing a smile as he nodded.

"Yeah. Just tired." He responded, forcing himself to sit up again so he could look at Gerard's painting. "That looks amazing." He sighed, his eyes shining as he looked in amazement at another mermaid painting. Gerard seemed to be painting a whole set of them, another two in the beginning stages of being drawn up.

Gerard blushed at the compliment and smiled, putting his paints and brushes away as he thanked Frank. "I want to get at least five done, and then I'll start getting them sold." He explained, feeling good to know he would have some income soon. He never usually had to wait too long before his paintings sold, his problem was that he had been struggling with motivation for so long, but things seemed to be better now.

Gerard made small talk with Frank as he moved his canvases to the back of the room to give them more space. He had put some food in the oven already and couldn't wait to sit with Frank and just watch a movie.

"I'm just going to shower then." He announced once he was done clearing the space, smiling warmly at Frank. "I'll just be a minute." He assured him before leaving to the bathroom.

Frank nodded and smiled to himself, lying back down on the couch and sighing as he closed his eyes just to rest them for a moment. He was happy and content lying there, no longer needing to worry about Jamia and feeling just so ecstatic that he could stay for a while and learn all about humans and their world.

Gerard too was looking forward to being able to learn more about Frank. He still couldn't stop wondering who he really was and as he flicked on the shower for himself he found himself beginning to wonder whether Frank's body was different to his. Whether he could shape shift at all; if he was an alien surely it would make sense that he didn't usually look like this.

Gerard hummed thoughtfully to himself, picking up the shampoo and using it to wash his hair as he imagined how Frank might look in his alien form. He was aware that he might be completely wrong, but the more he thought about it the more convinced he became that he was right. As hard to believe as it was he was really becoming certain that Frank was not a human. That he wasn't from this world at all.

Gerard sighed and closed his eyes to wash out the shampoo, imagining Frank coming down to Earth to learn about humans and wondering whether he knew about sex at all. The thought made Gerard blush, and he knew it was inappropriate to think about the younger man in that way but he couldn't help it. Frank was just so attractive, he was like Gerard's ultimate fantasy and imagining him as an alien just made him even more exciting and exotic.

Gerard wondered if Frank would be naive or experienced in the bedroom. Perhaps he would be a strange mix of both. Gerard could imagine getting him into his bed, going to kiss him, sliding his hands down his body... Perhaps Frank would grow nervous, whisper that they do it differently back home and Gerard would kiss his doubts away, telling him he could show him next time.

Gerard bit his lip and tipped his head back, keeping his eyes closed as he slowly washed his body and imagined what sex 'back home' for Frank would be like. They would probably spend days wrapped around each other, teaching other their different methods and just losing themselves in bliss.

Gerard would love to show Frank how it was done here. He would love to kiss all over his tempting body and spread his thighs. He would take his time to explore every inch of him, take his cock into his mouth and suck him until he'd be begging for release. He'd let Frank top him if he wanted to, Gerard was flexible.

Even just thinking about it was getting the artist hard and he sighed as he slowly slid his hand down his body to grasp his semi. Getting hard from a fantasy was hardly anything knew, and Gerard didn't worry about it as he began to idly stroke himself into an erection. Just like any guy he jerked off regularly, and he hadn't at all the past few days since he was so busy worrying over helping Frank. Now though he had the opportunity to relieve some of the tension that had been gradually building up thanks to following around seduction in its human form.

Gerard sighed and bit his lip as he relaxed against the shower wall, thinking about how Frank had been stood here only a few minutes ago, wet and naked... Gerard squeezed the base of his erection and twisted his hand as he rubbed back to the tip, wishing he had had an excuse to come into the bathroom when Frank was in here. He would love to see him glistening under the water and he almost groaned as he rubbed his thumb over the head of his cock and then dragged his hand back down.

It was ridiculous to be masturbating over a man he had only known for two days, Gerard knew that and yet he couldn't get the image of Frank out of his head. Whether it was him naked in the shower, soaping up his toned body; or him bent over Gerard's bed as he thrust into him and held his ass cheeks apart with his hands, it was all getting the older man off and he clenched his teeth to keep silent as he worked his hand faster and faster over his length.

Gerard didn't last long, knowing all too well how to get himself off thanks to not having a boyfriend in too long, and soon enough his pumping hand had brought him to climax within moments. He gasped and tensed as he came over his fingers, moving his hand slower and squeezing hard to get every last drop out of the tip.

Gerard slumped against the wall once he was done and slowly lowered his hand, washing it clean before turning to pick up the soap to clean his body completely. He felt loose and sated after his orgasm and he blushed slightly as he wondered whether Frank would know what he had done. If he was an alien it was entirely possible he could read minds. But then if that was the case he would already know Gerard thought he was ridiculously sexy so Gerard supposed this wouldn't be much of a shock.

Still, he didn't particularly want the younger man to know that he had just jerked off over him.

Gerard washed quickly and tried to just compose himself and look normal. If Frank was a mind reader there was nothing he could do about it, so he was just going to pretend that he wasn't and not worry about.

Back in the living room Frank was struggling not to doze off. He was determined to wait for Gerard to get back so he could sit up with him for a bit, though he was feeling incredibly tired. He couldn't really understand why, but he supposed changing his tail twice in the space of ten minutes probably had something to do with it.

Gerard soon walked into the living room though, his hair damp and his torso naked as he wandered in wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. Frank sat up slowly so that the older man could sit down, gawping at him with parted lips and wide eyes as he admired his body. He looked incredible.

Frank had seen plenty of human torso's, all merman had a male torso of course and so it wasn't exactly anything new, but somehow seeing Gerard half naked like this was making Frank feel funny. It was as if he was suddenly more conscious of his genitals and he blushed as he slowly moved to sit beside Gerard and rest against his side.

The positioning just came naturally to Frank and he didn't even think about it as he curled up against Gerard and laid a hand on one of his legs as the older man draped an arm around him. Gerard looked at him curiously, wondering if he really was a mind reader and was now sitting with him like this because he liked him too. Gerard even considered asking him about it, but in the end decided against it and instead simply flicked the TV on using the remote.

Frank smiled and sighed as he relaxed against Gerard and closed his eyes. The older man smelt like fruit shampoo and body wash and Frank was intoxicated by him. He turned his head to nuzzle his nose into Gerard's bicep, inhaling his scent and feeling incredible resting against him. He supposed the hold might be considered intimate but he didn't care, he liked Gerard a lot and he was happiest with him like this.

Gerard didn't say anything for a moment, trying to compose as he flicked through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching. He settled on a movie and turned to ask Frank if he was happy with the choice, opening his mouth but soon closing it again when he saw that Frank was sleeping soundly already.

Gerard stared at the younger man in surprise, amazed anyone could fall asleep so quickly but Frank's soft breathing made it all too clear that that was what he was doing.

Gerard slowly smiled, his heart fluttering as he tucked Frank closer to him and gently planted a kiss to his hair. Frank sighed in his sleep and murmured quietly, smiling as he snuggled closer to Gerard and moved his hand to his chest, idly stroking the skin there.

Gerard didn't quite know what to think of it all as he watched Frank sleep for a while. How had he come to have such a gorgeous man in his home and in his arms? He didn't care what Frank was, human, alien, or otherwise; Gerard was just glad he was there and he hoped that now things seemed sorted with his friend that Frank might stay for a real long time.
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