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When A Stranger Calls

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Not your average "When a Stranger Calls" story; as this story, became much more real

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When A Stranger Calls

"Come on, guys cut it out!" I snapped; getting sick and tired of my friends bullshit; their new interest for the day, was scaring and psyching me out as much as they possibly could before I had to go babysit for some neighbors over the weekend. This little piece of information, threw them into an urban legend, creepypasta, scary story telling pit of despair. Which they have been floating around in for almost an hour now, which continuously makes me wonder...when are they ever going to hit the bottom?

"Okay Tess, remember. If someone calls; and asks in a creepy voice /"Have you checked the children"/..Lie! Act like you're in the room with them, watching them as they sleep." A friend of mine, Charlie as we called her laughed; dark, medium length layered chestnut hair flying into her face as she had done so.

"That's enough Char, I think we've overused the 'When a Stranger Calls' flic; now...what other ones have we heard of?" Another friend of mine; Benji looked around the group, holding back a laugh.

"The "When Tess Kicked All Your Guys' Asses" one." Trick; my best friend cut in, giving the group a look of annoyance. "You've had your fun bugging and trying to scare the shit out of her, and now you better fucking stop." He growled, his protective side showing through.

"Holy fucking balls, who pisssed in your cheerios?" Charlie mumbled, pushing her bangs out of her eyes

"Nobody pissed in mine; but I did to yours." He gave a cheeky grin, resting his chin on his hands as he pointed down to the bowl of cereal she decided to have for lunch.

"You're an asshole, you know that?" She growled, standing to go throw her almost completely full bowl of cereal into the trash.

"Calm down, I was only kidding. Like what you and Benji were doing to Tess, fuck." He growled, his dark brown eyes growing darker, as he and Charlie never got along; hell if it wasn't for me and Benji dating, they wouldn't be anywhere near each other.

"Whatever." Charlie drew out through clenched teeth, a death glare aimed at all of us. "You know, if it wasn't for Benji fucking Tess, I wouldn't ever..../ever/ in my life be anywhere near you." She growled; almost as if she knew what I was thinking.

"/Whatever/." Trick mocked, in a high pitched girly voice.

"Asshole! Go burn in fucking hell!" She screamed, causing the whole cafeteria to stare, gawking at the what seemed to be a fight.

"No, Stan said I didn't have to go back today; that's tomorrow." My friend shrugged his shoulders, giving the angry girl a shiteating grin of defeat.

"Fuck you." She flipped him off, leaving at a loss of words. Soon after her dramatic exit, everyone turned back to their group of friends, quietly talking amongst themselves; realizing it wasn't going to get any better than that.

"Holy shit man." Benji laughed, holding a hand out to Trick, who gladly gave him the high five he hoped for. "I've never seen her so pissed off in the 10 years we've been living together." Benji and Charlie where step-siblings, as Charlie had put it /His dad fucked my mom, got together and forced us to get along/.

"Well, pissing people off is what I do best." Trick explained, in a tone that some stereotypical, high class, stuck up rich kid would use. "Is there a way to make money off this kind of thing?!" Trick laughed a couple seconds after, realizing what his one true talent had been.

"Oh probably, just get your own T.V show and you'll be golden." I shrugged, holding back my ridiculous amounts of laughter I wanted to so desperately let out.

"My new plan in life; it will be called "Trick is A Fucking Asshole!" He laughed, imagining what it would be like.

"Dear god, have fun with that." I laughed; standing from my spot, hoisting my messenger back onto my shoulder.

"You're leaving?" The two asked; spinning to face me.

"I have to go babysit, remember?" I grinned, rolling my eyes as I walked away; a feeling of paranoia, and a gut feeling that something bad was bound to happen took over my being.
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