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My Favourites

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Just in case you ever wondered.

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Favorite band: I have 3: Placebo, Volbeat and Death Cab for Cutie.

Favorite number: 12.

Favorite letter: D.

Favorite name: Roderick.

Favorite country: Denmark.

Favorite language: Danish, Irish or German. Or French...

Favorite food: White chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite drink: Coffee or mango juice.

Favorite character you've created: Either Roderick or Balthazar. Or maybe Kyo, Daeo or Arius... I don't know.

Favorite pairing: It changes daily.

Favorite musical instrument: Guitar.

Favorite song: This also changes daily.

Favorite color: Yellow.

If you want me to add anything to this, I can. It would be awesome if you guys could post you overall favourite things too.
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