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Studying, Exams, Etc.

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Hello, I've missed you all!

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Hi, guys!
I've missed you!

My life is pretty hard for the time being, but it could be so much worse. At least I get luxuries, like going to the movies and having great friends, both offline and online.
The reason I consider my life pretty difficult at the moment is because of all the stress and work I'm dealing with.

Right now, I'm doing one whole regents exam( and after that, I have to do another. I also have to do a thematic essay and my Spanish teacher decided to lose our homeworks without marking them down, claiming that no one handed them in, and making us do 5 Spanish Regents writing assignments, each 100 words.

I'm very stressed at the moment, since my first exam, my first regent, is on Tuesday, and I am just so scared. Then, after that, I have to do a 4 hour cramming session with 60 other kids in one crowded room for algebra, since I do not wanna fail.

Did I mention I have to get an 80 or above on every regent in order to stay in the current program I'm in, the law program? Yeah.

Sorry for going on about my troubles. I'm just stressed, which is why, on days like today, I enjoy small luxuries, small little things like:


Having a mom who's recognizes how hard I'm working and is going to get me ice cream



Movie theaters

A family who took me to see the movie I wanted last night


Yeah, so I'm very grateful. It's great to have these little things.
I might not even go to sleep tonight since all of this takes a very long time. I'm still working and I've started yesterday. So, if I don't sleep, I'll just get coffee in the morning. I'll crash when I get home, since my first exam is Tuesday, 1:15 pm and tomorrow is the last day of classes. The good thing about not sleeping would be the fact that I wake up at 5:26am, so not sleeping would give me an early start, and allow me to get coffee and not rush and be worried about missing the bus. c:

Okay, so I guess I'll talk to you guys!
Thanks for reading about my life! XD
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