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a blow to the heart

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Has swearing. so please don't read if you hate swearing

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It's been about three weeks but feels like forever since you run away.
How could you? how could you abandon your family like this?
i knew you for 15 fucking years and i knew your life it was perfect, you had friends that loved you and family that cared. you never had to go through anything but you lied saying it was terrible saying i fucking hit you when i didn't i tried to make you proud you were my twin.
now everyday i see you at school but im not allowed to bring you home, i fucking cried the day i saw you at school and you came up to me and ask whats wrong i just burst and take your hand the first contact i had with you in ages and you told me you would be home soon but your not you fucking lied to me! now i cry every night hoping you will come home praying pleading screaming for you to come back but i know it will do no good, i have went through shit but this tops the cake. i actaully feel guilty for this hole thing! i just want to leave forever! i love you you are my twin but you just don't care anymore which is so sad every day this hole in my heart gets bigger and blacker i just dont know what to do anymore i really dont

for my twin Roxanne .. we miss you
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