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And So, the Age of M-Preg Began..

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Accurate description on how m-preg will rule the universe and all females shall be fed to angry goats. Vaguely ryden, makes no sense at all, feels free to lose a few brain cells when in process of ...

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"cum on ryry get into th bunny suit plz :((" bden said. sighz :/ he was trying to get ry into the previusli mentioned rabit costum.

"can you frikin stop m8 ill mess u up why do i even have to do this chiz chiz chiz" ryan was saying w/ that cute lil mouth of his.
i want to kiss kiss kiss ry so much i want him 2 kiss my mouth and other things too if u get my drift ;;;)))))))))))))

"curr murrrrn morrk, err feruffn chrrr!!!" said spencer with a mouth full of virgin blood

"spencey can u pls do ur satanic rituals somewhere else it attarcts mosquitoz and i dont wana get cancer" bden said sassily bc he a sass queen and no nigga can tell him wat to do

"hello??????? i dont want no rabbit suit pls get it off me" ry qt cute cute qtqtqt qt ry ry said. ry rhymes with cry. bden wanted to cry because ryan is such a pretty lady

"no no please wear it"

"but why"

"it gets me off"




"OMG spencey stop!!!!!! im gonna get aids!!!!!!"

oh shit gerard way just flew in!!!!!!!!!!! "THAT NOT WHY VAMPS R WHITE U DUMB SHIT" and he danced away


gasp. "ryan did u just swear" bdrn sed. bad ryro. he wanted to do bad things to ryun

ryan was vrey mad. he started to get red and then shot hot homosexual fireballs at bdon

"o shit that was sohot" in evry sense of the word.

jonny boy gasped!!!! jon nevr does anythin but gasp and wear sandles

bdens skin was meltin off, and so he showed his true form..................
.................bruce willis

"ohhh noooooooooo bOOBS??????????" SPENCY SCREASMED!!!1

"no spncer das his head" ry said shakin his head. dam willis wantd 2 hit that shit oh yea ry shake dat

"boobIES!!111 MY HOMO LIL EYES CNAT TAKE THSI!111!!!" and so spencer ded :-(

boobs=women. women=ded spency,, ded spency=antichrist ttherefore women = antikris.

its time 4 men 2 taek charge!11!!! if we do not slay this violent ruthles thingys calld ""ladys""" it wil result in more ded emo lesbis (wich isnt a bad thing now that i cum 2 think of it)
any1 found in the possession of 1 of dis fowl creaturs will b shot in th butt so no more anal 4 u

let the mpreg begin niggas
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