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A poem I had to write about war and after war deaths when I was around 11. First time posting.

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I wrote this around 3 years ago for a competition I was going to enter but never did. It had to be about war and deaths and this is what came out...
Please don't tell me it's shit, I already know that!

Watch them run, one by one.
Looking for peace to end this war,
One by one they all fall down,
Knowing that they'll never come back.

Watch them fall to their knees,
Soon it'll be over,
Soon there'll be peace.

They promised us that we'll be back.
But that was pushed to the back,
Of his mind, so dull and black,
He'll never know what happens next.

Watch him fall, to your feet.
Blood shooting out of the bullet holes.

Now it's time to say goodbye,
to that fucker that knocked him down.
You shoot, you score, you make a hole.
Kama's a bitch for that guy.

Now he's gone you take him back,
to the camp that sent you back,
To the spot where he once laid.
Just so they get a little more pay.

You're finally home.
Your baby girls gone,
to the bloke across the road.
You cry and sulk to get her back,
She brushes you off.

Life is gone.

It's war all over,
You don't want to live.

You pull out the rope,
and jump of the chair,
You take your last breath.

And now your dead
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