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Paper heart

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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-06-11 - 278 words - Complete

My heart's like a fragile piece of paper

Scribbles representing all the confusion I hold

And every little dent and rip and crack is portrayed by it's years of wearing down

Taking all its scarring and portraying its self on my outside
Just to know it's real

And in this paper state there is beyond no way to repair it

Take your lies and smothering comfort and paste it on my heart
But it will only help for so long
Before it wears away and peels off

Every action you take and everything you say is slowly murdering me.

Your cold dark words, imprinted , in a black dull sharpie for my thoughts to see and brain to hear.

Any kind words said to me are over looked in their bright glory.
Because your hurtful ones stand out.

My hearts been written on
It's been beaten and destroyed like a song that an artist can't get a grasp of what they want to say

But unlike them my heart only gets one try to make the right beats
But right now it sounds tone death

As a baby our heart starts as a clean refreshed page with only one chance to make good of their selfs
All while sensitive and innocent. Unaware of the obstacles ahead.

It begins to crumble as we age

The lucky ones make it last

The torn and crushed never survive
Unless you're given the burst of hope and care of another human.

My heart has yet to be energized and only time can determine my one faithful path as I continue to break and crumble away to be recycled into our cold hearted earth.
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