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Best Couple

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But in a way it's alright, cause we are born to die.

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Woo new poem!!
I might sign off with my initials now..

He gave her his heart, he said don't drop this.
She looked him in the eye, and said I promise you
I'll replace it with mine and it's not gonna move.
She wasn't faithful, always creeping round,
She was never really there for when ever he'd be down.

But he soldiered on keeping a brave face,
Until one night, he saw her getting with his best mate.
His stomach dropped, as his chest started caving in,
She gave his best mate the same look as she gave him.

He sent a stubble text, not knowing what's coming next,
As he thought about was tying that rope round his neck
Just before he stepped off he tied the rope.
An hour passes, no one even knows he's gone.
He's tensed up, all white with a note in his palm.

His girlfriend walked in and dropped to the floor.
But the note in his hand cannot be ignored,
Tears running down her face and make up,
The first three words that she read was "I hate love."
"I saw everything; I saw the look in your eye,
But in a way it's alright, cause we are born to die."
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