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Food To Soothe The Savage Beast

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Yuki tries to fix a surprise for Zero's birthday.

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Yuki was busy in the Headmaster’s kitchen. She was a nervous wreck. The reason why: She was cooking a meal for Zero Kiryu.

She asked Headmaster Cross earlier if she could use the kitchen.
“Um, sure. You don’t have to ask,” he said. “Why do you need it, may I ask?”
Yuki blushed, “It’s a surprise…for Zero.”
“Ah, say no more,” he said, smiling. “Just let know me when and I’ll make myself scarce.”
She smiled gratefully.

She was on Disciplinary duty with Zero and excused herself early. Zero asked why she was leaving early. She made up a lie, saying that it was academic emergency.

She found out accidentally that today is Zero’s birthday. She wanted to make it special for him. He always looked so forlorn. She wanted to see him smile. She planned everything.

She changed out of her uniform and into a striped tee, blue jeans, high-top sneakers, and a vertical-stripe apron with matching oven mitts.

Spaghetti Neopolitan, miso soup, and fried octopus dumplings were the menu. They seemed simple enough for Yuki to make.

It didn’t turn out that way. This is how it turned out.

On the Spaghetti Neopolitan:
1) The pasta was too al Dante
2) She spilled the pasta on the floor while she was draining the water
3) Cut her fingers while slicing the onion and green pepper, so they had blood spots on them.
4) The pork chunks were undercooked and she burned the onions, and green peppers while she was sautéing.
5) Burned everything during the pan-flipping and forgot to add the ketchup

The miso soup:
1) Chopped the green onion in large hunks
2) Cut her fingers (again) while slicing the tofu
3) Didn’t enough kelp in the stock
4) The pot boiled over
5) Spilled the stock on the floor
6) Didn’t put in the seaweed, tofu, and miso in time

The fried octopus dumplings:
1) Chopped the octopus funny
2) Added flour and water but forgotten the egg
3) Spillage during mixing
4) Too much batter in the cooker
5) Too much meat bits
6) Let them cook too long and burned a little

When she looked at her burned-up mess, her eyes felt the sting of threatening tears. She ruined everything. There was no way Zero would eat this.

She grabbed a bottle of water that she took out earlier for the dumplings and took a swig; only it turned out to be the wine for the pork. She did a spit take.

She ran into her room and sank to the floor. She lowered her head and began to sob. She didn’t even notice that her door was opened or that someone walked in.

What she did notice was someone saying her name, “Yuki”.

She looked up and saw Zero looking down at her. She sniffed and stood up, “H-Hi, Zero…”

“What’s with all the food on the counter?” he asked.

She felt she was about to cry again. “I-It was supposed to be your surprise! I found out it was your birthday today and I wanted to cook you a nice meal but everything went wrong!”

“You did all that for me?” he asked. She nodded silently.

Tears rolled down her smooth cheeks like dewdrops. “I just…I j-just…” she started to cry softly.

She stopped immediately when she felt Zero’s lips on hers. She was too surprised to kiss back. He pulled away. She tasted like wine and sucked-out blood from her wounds.

Yuki stared at him, “Zero…”

“I don’t normally celebrate my birthday,” he explained. “To me, it’s just another day and a reminder of why I’m like this…what I am. But after seeing what you did for me or were trying to do for me, it was the nicest gift anyone ever gave me after my family’s death. So, let me thank you.”

Yuki didn’t say anything. Zero leaned in and kissed her again. She kissed back and Zero’s tongue gently tapped Yuki’s lower lip as to beg for entrance. She parted her mouth and let him in. His tongue went on its through yet sensual journey. She moaned softly and touched his hair.

They both lay on her bed and kissed for hours. When they finally pulled apart, Zero said, “I have to go. It’s my turn for the night watch.”

“Okay,” she said with a gentle smile and he left. When she came out of her room sometime later, she found that the kitchen was clean and the food was gone.

“I don’t understand this!” Headmaster Cross exclaimed the next day. He and Yuki were in Zero’s room. Zero was under the covers with a fever.

According to the doctor, he has a mild case of food poisoning.

“It’s not a big deal,” Zero muttered. “Doc said I’d be fine.”

“Nevertheless, I’m going out to get some medicine,” said Headmaster Cross and he quickly left.

He and Yuki were alone. Yuki sat on the side of his bed, “Zero…did you, by any chance, ate that food that was on the counter?”

Zero said nothing.

“But it was burned! And undercooked!” Yuki said.

“It was my birthday present,” he mumbled. “I had the right to eat it.”

Yuki sighed, “Okay. If I promise to improve my cooking, will you promise me you won’t do it again?”

Then she felt herself being pulled forward and Zero wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her.

“I promise. And this will be your reward.”
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