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Greedy Humpty Dumpty and The Sinful Little Boy

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Kaname tells Yuki a bedtime story with a twist.

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Yuki was in her bedroom, changing into her soft fleece nightgown. Then she took a small pink brush and began to brush her medium brown hair. She heard a knock from her door.

She turned her head to the door, “Come in.”

The door creaked open and her big brother Kaname came inside. He was carrying a small book in his hands.

“Are you ready for bed?” he asked. “I have a story to tell you if you are.”

Yuki hurried with her brushing and then toddled to her tiny bed, “Yes, big brother.”

She crawled underneath the covers and smiled at her brother. Kaname smiled back and sat beside her bed.

He opened the book, “So, which story would you like to hear tonight? ‘The Little Red Hen’? ‘The Little Old Lady In The Shoe’?”

“What was your favorite fairytale?” Yuki asked. “Tell me that story.”

Kaname looked at her, “My favorite story?”

Yuki nodded excitedly. Kaname smiled at her and said, “Well, there is one story I liked…”


“It was called ‘Greedy Humpty Dumpty and the Sinful Little Boy’”.

Yuki sat up and folded her hands, “Why was Humpty Dumpty greedy?”

Kaname shifted in his seat and began to tell the story, “He was the king of Fairytale Land.”

“Fairytale Land?” Yuki asked.

He nodded, “It’s where all those fairytale creatures lived. Little Boy Blue, The Three Little Pigs, and all the rest.”

“And Humpty Dumpty was king? Didn’t he fall off a wall and broke into many pieces?”

“Yes, but that wasn’t quite what happened. Will you please let me tell you the story before you fall asleep?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Please, Kaname.”

Kaname cleared his throat, “Anyway, he was the king of Fairytale Land and his castle was the highest of all the land. He was very rich, but he could never get enough. One day, he was in his treasure room, counting his gold coins when he saw a great golden beam shining down through his window.”

Yuki’s eyes widened with wonder when he said that.

He continued, “He leaped off from his chair and ran to the window where the light was coming from. He looked out and saw the sun shining like a great glowing orb of sparkling gold.

“He jumped for joy, screaming, “Gold! Gold! Why didn’t I know that there was gold in the sun? I’ll get that too before I’m done!’”

“He ran out and gathered all of citizens of Fairytale Land, telling them about his discovery. “There is gold in the sun! I saw it there! Precious gold that is so rare! Grab some bricks and saws! Build up my wall to reach the sun!’”

“Well, the people were bewildered by this request and were speechless. All except the Sinful Little Boy. He spoke out to him, “Don’t build up your wall too high. Because the higher you’ll climb, the harder you’ll fall.”

“Why was he called the Sinful Little Boy?” Yuki asked him.

Kaname stopped for a moment, “You’ll know soon enough. Please let me finish.”

Yuki nodded and said nothing more.

“Greedy Humpty Dumpty didn’t listen to the Sinful Little Boy. Instead he took out a long whip and lashed out the good people of Fairytale Land.”

Yuki flinched at that part. She brought the blankets to her chin.

Kaname continued, “He shouted, “If you value your lives and your heath, build my wall or I’ll demand more wealth!”

“So the citizens grabbed many bricks and mixed the cement to build the wall. The three men in the tub mixed the cement and pelicans carried the vats of cement in their large beaks and poured it on. The goose that laid the golden eggs smoothed it out. Witches carried the bricks in the buckets of their flying brooms and poured them onto the cement.

“All was working except for the Sinful Little Boy. He went into Humpty Dumpty’s castle and spoke to the king. He said onto him, “Greedy Humpty Dumpty, your greed and your ignorance will lead to your undoing. I know it will and I will wager you for it.

“The Sinful Little Boy told Humpty Dumpty that he can reach the golden sun and bring it down to the earth, the boy would be executed. If he cannot, the boy would become the new ruler of Fairytale Land and point out his mistake. The king agreed.

“For many days and nights, the people build up his castle wall. When the wall was finally close enough to the sun, Humpty Dumpty climbed up the wall and he at the edge of the sun.

“He took a pickax and swing it at the sun. The hole released a huge tower of fire that lashed out the king and hot bolts of electricity shot out.

“The citizens ran away and the electric bolts struck on the wall, destroying it with the king on it. When the last brick was destroyed, the greedy King Humpty Dumpty had a long fall and then crashed into the ground.

“Before he was cracked completely, the Sinful Little Boy walked to him and said to him, “You should have listened to me. The sun was not made of gold. It is made of fire. This,” he held a bright gold coin in front of his eyes, “was what you saw. It was nestled between two bricks.”

“Humpty Dumpty then finally broke into many pieces and no one could put him back together again. The Sinful Little Boy did not take the throne of Fairytale Land. Instead, he traveled far to give the little golden coin to his one true love, a tender princess, and told her about this wondrous tale.”

Yuki scooted closer to her brother, “And did she say?”

Kaname reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden coin. He placed into her small hand, “I don’t know. What did you say?”

Yuki looked at the gold coin and then looked at Kaname with a smile, “I said thank you and that it was a wonderful story. But why did you called yourself that?”

Kaname kissed her on the cheek, “Because I promised you that we’ll be just like Mother and Father when we grow up.”

Yuki then placed a kiss on Kaname’s lips and then said, “I promised that as well. Wouldn’t make me ‘The Sinful Little Girl’?”

Kaname shook his head, “No. That what makes you ‘The Tender Princess’, Yuki.”

Yuki smiled sweetly at him and then it turned into a worried frown. Kaname asked what was wrong.

“Mother is very angry,” Yuki said. Before Kaname could say anything, the door swung open.

Kaname saw their mother and knew that time had finally come. All he could think of was that at least he had this small moment he could remember with Yuki.

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