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Sincerely, us (Chapter 1)

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Two first blood cousins who can't seem to find the love they had for each other, also struggle to find there balance in the bedroom.

Category: Drama - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2013-06-13 - Updated: 2013-06-17 - 283 words - Complete

The moons shines a bright, fancy color. The sun is suppose to be our guidance to do what feels natural to us. My body is warm. My mind is cold. But my heart is still racing. My knees want to collapse. The first time I layed eyes on my cousin, Gardner was when we grew older. Around the age of 14 we'd sneak out of the house when everyone was asleep and go somewhere private. We would lock lips without a care. His kiss is nothing I have never felt before. When his lips and tounge runs on mine smoothly, my entire world taps out into his slow touch. I can't...I can't hold back. I want him all for myself. My fantasies and dreams are never enough for me to zone out about. I just want to unleash my clothing and hop on top of him; ride him as tomorrow may never exist again. He's all I want in a man. Gardner is the only man I'll lose my virginity to. That night on new years eve we had sex. It wasn't long, but good. We were fully dressed. Our eyes met at the same time we climaxed. His hard thrusts were slowly entering me as I moaned softly trying to hold back from being loud. Me panting in his ear made him go a little faster as my hands pressed against his back on my uncle's bed. I didn't matter what family thought. All I wanted was a little more of him each time we fucked, or when we would French kiss the hell out of each other. No man has made feel so wet and satisfied the way he has.
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