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Crossover Abduction

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Peach, Daisy, Amy and Blaze were kidnapped by Bowser and Dr. Eggman. And this time, it's much more interesting.

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Crossover Abduction

My first fanfic on this site. It may be short with no dialogue, but be constructive, please.

After the London 2012 Olympic Games, four contestants were walking on the sidewalk. Peach, Daisy, Amy and Blaze. They were wearing these outfits: "Peach": "Daisy": "Amy": "Blaze": As they were walking to their homes, the princesses and animals part to their homes. But as they were nearly there...Bowser and Dr. Eggman appear, coming to kidnap their respective damsels. (Even though Amy and Blaze aren't really damsels.)

They took them inside of their floating vehicles, the Koopa Clown Car and the Egg Mobile and took off.

In their own castle, they began to tie them up. First they tied up their wrists, then their legs, and then added in a tape gag. They both laughed as they walked out and watched them struggle.

Peach felt very frightened. She struggled with all her might to free herself, but failed, while looking at her legs. The more she tried to move(mostly when she moves her legs), the more the ropes were tightened to the point where her legs got numb. She then gave up and stared weakly at her beautiful legs, exhausted. She hoped for Mario to save her...

Daisy was confused. Her arms and chest were tied, but her legs were not. She tried to use her bare, strong and agile legs to free herself, but all of a sudden, a security camera shot ropes at Daisy's legs and tightly tied them to the point of numbing them. Daisy yelped and grunted as she looked down and saw her legs getting quickly and strictly tied, and then going numb, as she fell down. She turned over and officially gave up, as she stared tiredly at her legs, panting and moaning through her tape gag.

Amy was absolutely terrified. Just like the other two, Amy was tied tightly enough for her legs to go numb. She tried to scream for help through her gag, but it didn't work. She was starting to cry. If only if Sonic was here...

As for Blaze, she was confused and was wondering what was going on, but was frightened at the same time. Just like the others, her legs were numb and she was tied uncomfortably tight.

They could only hope for their two heroes to save them.


Again, be constructive. Hope you enjoyed, and rate fairly.
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