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And the curtain opens to chapter two...

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Helena twirled in a knee-length navy blue dress. The skirt, made of light silk, billowed around her.

"So," she grinned, flashing her perfect teeth, "what do you think?"

I crossed my arms and tapped my finger against my lip, like I always did when I was thinking.

"Don't you have one just like it?"

"No! Of course I don't! That one was made by Erotes Everlasting. This one was made by mortals." She said "mortals" like it was some divine term, holding her hands to her chest.

There isn't much human influence on Mount Olympus, but Aphrodite decided that our clothing needed a bit of an upgrade, so she's stolen some ideas - and actual clothing - from the mortals. (Also, we like their pie. Well, at least I do.)

I glanced from Helena to the other dresses on the rack. "Why don't you get one in a different color?" I asked. "What about red?"

Helena gasped. "August!" She stepped toward me. "You know that red is my mom's signature color! I can't take hers!"

"We'll, isn't blue Marc's color?"

Helena gasped again, this time holding her hand over her mouth. "You're right!" She looked in the mirror. "But I look so good in blue," she whispered wistfully.

"What about green?"

Helena's eyes lit up. She grabbed my hands. "Oh, August! You're so right! I look just divine in green!" She snapped her fingers and the dress's fabric shimmered, turning from dark blue to a light green. She twirled again. "It's gorgeous," she said.

I simply nodded.

"Oh! But what about shoes? These shoes don't go with green." She put her foot forward, glaring at the orange shoe as if it was its fault it didn't match.

I thought for a second. "What about red? Father once said something about a color wheel the humans made up. Colors opposite each other look the best together."

Helena snapped her fingers again, and the shoes changed to a deep scarlet. "Hmm..." She smoothed down her skirt and then grinned. "I like it. It's subtle and yet bold. It's perfect. Thank you so much, August."

I held up a hand before she could hug me. "Don't thank me," I said. "Thank the mortals."

The door opened and two snakes slithered in, climbing the doorframe. Once they formed an archway, a man with light blonde hair walked in, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans with a messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

Helena elbowed me. "I liked Hermes's new style choice," she whispered.

I smirked. This look was definitely much better than the middle aged man in the toga look he went for during Memory Month. (I believe for mortals, that's February. Or December. Human months just kind of blend together for me.)

"New shipment!" he called to the shopkeeper, sweeping his hand in front of him. About ten boxes appeared stacked by the counter. "Also," he looked towards us as he caught a scroll that came flying towards his face. "Zeus wants to see you two in the throne room. Ad the rackety bunch of Poseidon's kids if you see them," he said, his eyes skimming over the page. "Especially the rackety bunch of Poseidon's kids." He backed towards the door, the scroll bursting into flames in his hand. "Oh, and August? I have your pie." A pole materialized in his hand and the snakes came down from the doorframe and wrapped themselves around it. He winked and tilted it towards me. The air inn front of me shimmered. I held out my hands, and a white box dropped into them.

"But Trevor told me that your caduceus was broken," I said, rather distracted by the pie in my hands.

"Yes, well, Trevor has never been one to follow up on a piece of information." Hermes grinned again. "Also, Lena? Santa called. He wants his holiday back." He began to glow and then dematerialized into a pile of gold dust. A gust of wind forced itself through the door and blew the Hermes dust out of the store.

"Holiday?" Helena said slowly. I just shrugged.


Helena and I had picked up some forks from the jewelry stand (yes, they sell utensils there), and we made our way to the palace. We could see a group of demigods, including all seventeen of Poseidon's rascals, sitting on the marble steps. I could see Trevor leaning against the pillar, talking to Beatrice. I clenched my hands into fists, pressing them against my legs.

Helena gave me a sideways glance, then followed my line of vision. Her face changed to a look of pure hatred.

Let me explain something about friendships. If your friend is buddy-buddy with your worst enemy, that's a sign of a friendship that needs to end soon. But, if your friend hates this said enemy more than you do, then you need to carve that friendship in stone. That's why, despite our major differences, Helena and I became friends in the first place. Obviously, our friendship grew on our own accord, but in some way, our friendship is all because of Beatrice.

Helena nudged me in the shoulder. "I can kill her, you know."

"Yeah, but then Athena would have your head." Yes, you heard me right. Athena. She's Athena's daughter. Redhead with bright green eyes who can barely count to five unless she uses her fingers. And yet, she's her mother's pride and joy. Probably because of her way of manipulating others to do what she wants, because we all know its not her way with words.

I opened the box and took out the pie, leaving the box on the path. Don't worry about it, someone comes by and cleans up every few minutes.

Helena dug her fork into my pie, shamelessly taking a bite that was incredibly too large for her mouth.

By the time we arrived at the palace steps, we'd eaten a little over half the pie.

Trevor grinned at me and waved. I raised my fork towards him to acknowledge his greeting, but didn't look at him. Trevor's smile wavered, but if he sensed something was wrong, he didn't show it, and simply resumed his discussion with Beatrice.

I sat down on the stairs next to one of Poseidon's kids. He smiled at me. I hadn't met him yet, and I didn't want to judge him too quickly, so I smiled back.

He held out his hand. "I'm Jasper," he said.

I nodded towards my fork and the pie, indicating that my hands were full. "My name is August."

"Like the month?"

"Is it a mortal month?"

He laughed and shook his head, not answering my question.

I laughed awkwardly. "I was kidding." (I wasn't.)

He looked at my pie. "That looks...interesting."

I looked down and saw what he meant. The pie was a sickly green-brown color and, at this point, was just a mess in general. "It still tastes amazing though."

He laughed, but with a laugh that seemed somewhat ironic, his brown eyes narrowed at me.

I offered him my fork. "Would you like a bite?" I asked, hoping he would say no.

He shook his head and waved his hand dismissively. "No, I'm fine keeping lunch in my stomach. "Thanks though." He looked at me and smiled expectantly.

Helena, who had sat down at my other side, nudged me and winked. I elbowed her in the gut, but she just laughed at me.

"He is significantly attractive, especially for one of Poseidon's kids, isn't he?" she whispered.

"Oh, be quiet, Helena. You don't know anything," I remarked, elbowing her again.

Hestia walked through the archway, holding a scroll and a quill. "Demigods! The Olympians will see you now."

We all filed through the archway and waited for Hestia to do a head count and cross our names off the scroll. She held out her hand and the door to the throne room swung open.

All twelve of the Olympians were seated on their thrones. Uncle's throne, made out of shadow, was in between Father's and Poseidon's. Hestia disappeared and reappeared at Father's side.

Hermes was holding a clipboard and staring at it as if it held the key to his life. Aphrodite's eyes were tinged red. Hephaestus was tinkering with a few gears. Artemis kept rebraiding her hair. Plants were tangling and untangling around Demeter's feet. Ares was sharpening his knife. Dionysus was playing with a bowl of grapes. Athena was sketching out battle plans on a floating piece of paper. Hestia clenched and unclenched her fist as a ball of fire appeared and disappeared. Hera was the only one leaning back in her chair, looking completely at ease.

Apollo was staring at me soulfully, trying to get my attention. I made eye contact with and he widened his eyes, looking from Father and then to the floor. I shrugged at him, not getting his message. He shook his head and leaned back, biting his nails.

Father cleared his throat. "Demigods. This is a very important council meeting, and I need you all to take this seriously." He looked to Ares. "You may take the stage."

Ares nodded. His black hair was cut into a short buzz cut, and his bright blue eyes seemed to glare at each and every one of us individually. His tall, muscular figure and intense gaze intimidated most people, but behind his arrogant and selfish nature, he was actually kind of nice. Like a giant teddy bear. An armed teddy bear. With weapons. Deadly weapons.

Anyways, Ares cleared his throat and straightened his tie. "You all know that the human world is full of challenges, which is why we only send you there for quests."

We all nodded, though none of this knew where this was going.

He continued. "When you turn 18, you are given a quest into the human world. Then, once you turn 21, you are given the option of remaining here or living there. Unfortunately, the survival rate past 22 is less than 1%. To this, Athena and I have come up with a solution that has been agreed to be put into action." He leaned against the back of his throne and pulled out his knife again.

Athena grabbed the paper out of the air and tossed it over her shoulder. "Let me get to the point." She rolled her head to crack it. "Every demigod is being sent to the human world. Permanently."

The reaction was mixed. Some of us were in shock. Some were angry. Some were in denial. Some saw it coming. Some freaked out as if the world were ending. Me? Well, all I remember is making eye contact with Father amidst all the noise and confusion. He looked nonchalant enough, but his eyes betrayed him. It was like they were apologizing for this. I shook my head. This wasn't something that I could easily forgive him for.

Someone nudged me. It was Shaun. I gripped his hand until his knuckles turned white.

"It's gonna be okay," he whispered.

Athena stood up. "Demigods! Come to order!" Nothing happened. "I SAID 'ORDER'!" We all went quiet. "You will all be transported to different parts of the world. You will speak the language necessary to survive in the country in which you are. Poseidon will be the one transporting you." She sat back down.

Poseidon grinned. His trident materialized in his hand. He opened his mouth to say something, but Artemis stood up.

"I will not let my maidens leave unaided."

"I respect your defense of them, but the decision has been made," Zeus said quietly.

"I understand, Father. That is not what I was talking about." She waved her arm and a silver backpack appeared on every girl's shoulder.

Apollo coughed loudly and snapped. A golden duffle bag appeared on the floor in front of every guy. I noticed that the zipper on my bag turned gold.

Poseidon rolled his eyes. "Is everyone done here? Circle of sharing over?"

"Poseidon. Please, show some compassion. They're leaving their home," Hades said.

Poseidon nodded. "Yeah... I care..." He slammed his trident against the stone floor and the smell of salt water filled the room. Water began to drip from the ceiling. The drips became streams, and the streams became a wave of water.

I felt my hand slip out of Shaun's. I screamed his name, but no sound came out. I reached for him, but he wasn't there. I couldn't even see him any more.

For the first time, I felt completely alone. I couldn't breathe, and I didn't know if it was because I was in shock or the fact that I was drowning.
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