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Fall to pieces/My impossible dream (chapter 1)

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You aren't what you seem, and that's a shame. Since someone else came into the picture, I can't help but think about you. (another story about John Cena. Don't judge me :))

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John packs his suitcase full of his clothes. He changes from black basketball shorts and no t-shirt to jean shorts, a baseball cap, and his white-yellow "the champ is here" wrestling shirt. He goes downstairs. While I'm writing a story, he says "Alright, I'm going to the airport then off to work".

"Again? That's the third time this week". Says Frank.

"What do you mean by that?". John says as he puts his suitcase on the floor.

"Well, you're gone for the majority of the week. Your hardly home and when you are all you do is push me away".

"Don't start okay? You know how much I love this wrestling buisness, you know how much this buisness and my fans need me-"

"I do, but they're not the one you come home to-"

"And I've been working as hard as I can to provide for both of us while you film your latest movie so don't give me any shit about how I'M not home enough! Do you know how much time I sacrifice to stay home with you for a couple days just to be with you? And yet here you are trying to take away what I love".

"It's not about what I'm trying to take away!".

"Then what is it about? Is it that when I'm on the road you don't even cross my mind, or that I enjoy my space because you have a tendency to smother me with your unwanted attention,which drives me up the gotdamn wall!".

John's words left Frank thinking-maybe he is right. So he thinks. All those articles and pictures aren't coincidences. His words are ice bergs that crashed through my heart violently as if it was nothing. Guiltiness is not on John's face. The grin of confidence knowing he is fed up with making his relationship with Frank work.

Frank leaves the dinning room table. He walks up to John slowly. He says" So that's what you feel, huh? That's the way you feel about me, John?".

"It's the way I always felt". John says as he emphasizes the word 'always' expressing his mind that is no longer wrapped around the world where it used to be him and Frank. Frank is out of the picture. Now it's just John and his road pal, for better terms his "fuck buddy".

Frank smirks, with his tounge pressed against his own lips and his right cheek. He says", here is what I think". He pulls out a packet full of John's text messages from to his "road pal" Eve Torres. "This is what you like isn't it? This is who you want instead of me? Some SLUT BAG who I'm sure you've fucked just a few times before, right, John?".

Frank speed walks upstairs and grabs everything that John owns. He yells" Here! Take all your shit with you, and don't think about coming back! YOU don't know how hard I've tried to make you happy...I-I've changed my wardrobe and gave everything I could to you and what did you do? YOU FUCKED ME OVER!".

John's facial expression turned differently as he felt the emotions from Frank's heart. He knew what he did was wrong, but why does he care? He is a superstar, but Eve only wants him for sex. Frank wanted him, because John meant the world to him. His love for John was the sun,moon,and earth combined. And now it has faded into the blackhole of John's idiotic actions.

Frank continues to yells as he starts crying. He starts shaking out of fear, with is words cracking a bit.

"Don't think about kissing me! Don't think about hugging me! You never loved me...all..all you do is dissapear on me and hurt me. I HATE your GUTS. IS this what I am to you? Just someone whose emotions you can play with like a fucking instrument?! Here"....

Frank takes the ring John gave me the year he was signed to OVW and threw it at him. "There' stupid ass ring...Take it and SHOVE UP IT YOUR ASS".

John's face turns red, but he hold sback his anger. He says" You know what? I don't need you. I never needed you, but without me you'll still be where you were 2 1/2 years ago. Congratulations, you just lost the best thing in your life".

To be continued....
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