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Sincerely, us (Chapter 5)

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You and him. Her and you. It's not the same, but it will work it's self out. Just not now.

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Gardner walks up to April's apartment in downtown, Chicago. He is dressed in a buisness man type of suit. He knocks on the door and she opens it.

"Hello there, Gardner". April says.

This girl is smokin' hot. Leggings that squeeze out her ass. A red shirt that makes her boobs pop out. Her bruenette-back-purple hair that i slined up in wavy curls. And her body is screaming out at me to satisfy it like no one ever has.

Gardner with his black leather gloves caresses her cheek slowly. He says" I've come for you dear. I've been hearing that no man can break down the walls of your playful sexuality. I think I can change that and rearrange your frame". April says"You turn me on. Enough talking. Fuck me".

She throws herself at him and the rough kissing begins. He rips off her clothes and puts his tounge on her pale, warm body to the pressure sex points of her neck near the collar bone. She strips her down to his under wear and he sits her on the dresser. As he starts humping her with the tip of his cock starts growing and his thrust deepens as she screams his name. His panting turns into moans. Gardner never felt so in place before.

Ashley comes out of the bathroom in a red robe and a short black nightie with nothing on under neath. Her nightie has a double strap that cuts the nigher part of her back. She says"Darling tonight....My number is $200". Matt says"Make it $300. I have a surprise for you".

Ashley and matt get into deep kissing. He takes off her robe and her night dress. She places her right hand firmly on his dick-playing with it and moving it in circles, sideways into her mouth. She climbs on top of him and says"Shh. No talking. Tonight, I'm your rider". She rides the shit out of him, screaming his name and roughly pulling on her hair, as he squeezes her breasts,leaving them both breathless. He flips her over and takes control, where any minute blood was going to come out, from how big he was. Her orgasms get fake. Her mind is on Gardner. And ashley was on Gardner's mind. Matt gets off and jerks off to Ashley's naked, sweaty body and ejaculates-all across her body.

This time around it's not love. Whatever it may be, your rouch is what I miss, but will soon enough dissapear.
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