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Take a look around, it’s not as it seems.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-06-22 - 219 words

If I waste another minute here, I’m gonna scream,
If I waste another second here, someone will bleed,
Take a look around, it’s not as it seems,
Surrounded by the crap that you don’t need.

And I’ve given in too many times,
I’ve taught myself to think in rhyme,
Fumbling with nightmares through a microscope,
To give you words that sound like hope.

I hope that you can feel the burn in your core,
I brush hair from my eyes with a bitter smile,
You thrust out your hands, you beg for more,
My suppressed laughter, this was worth the while.

Don’t you see that I’m as happy as can be?
Your hurt me, broke me, but I’m still me,
And that alone is enough to carry on,
A warrior, battling, that makes me strong.

Am I everything you wanted? No, so throw me away,
Running through the streets, barefooted, to hear you say,
That even in the bad times we’ll find a way,
A way to make each other stay.

We could leave, leave with our hearts on our sleeves,
We could run, run whilst hiding a gun,
We could hope, hope and put down the rope
We could believe...
But lie is the only thing I can see.
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