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Buffy Meets Dean

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ONE SHOT - Dean and Cas are out on a hunting trip, when they bump into an unexpected visitor.

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"Cas, would you mind walking a bit quieter?" Dean hisses at the heavy-footed angel by his side. The angel frowns and attempts to quieten his footsteps; but in all fairness, there is not much difference in volume at all and Dean sighs. He guesses they'll come into contact with more vampires eventually, and why not give them a bit of warning, eh?
"Better?" Castiel says loudly.
"SHHH!" Dean hushes, glaring at the angel. "Why are you even here anyway?" he hisses.
"I wanted to help." Cas shrugs as Dean hands the torch to him, "Besides, who's gonna save your ass now that Sam's gone off elsewhere for the time being?"
"Thanks, dude. But I'm pretty capable of saving my own ass." Dean says as they approach an old set of rusted metal doors. Dean forces his entire body weight against them, but they won't budge. He tries once more…and again…and a fourth time but still no luck. They were jammed, wedged shut.

Cas steps forward, smiles at Dean and pushes the doors open with minimal effort.
"See…you do need me." Cas laughs, patting his friend on the back. Dean glares at the back of the angel's head as he walks forward, leaving Dean to shut the doors with his own pathetic human strength.

The corridor they've entered is pitch black, with the exception of the dim yellow torch light and the orange glow seeping from the cracks in the door behind them. A faint dripping sound is audible, echoing from somewhere down the corridor. Dean knows from experience that when you hear a dripping sound from an unknown source, it's probably not going to be what you hope it is.
"Cas, dude, slow down!" Dean hisses. The angel stops in his tracks and Dean walks right into the back of him. "Dammit, Cas!"
"I'm sorry, Dean." The angel says with sincere apology. Dean catches himself smiling slightly, and forces it from his face. This is a hunt- he needs to stay focused.
"Dean!" Castiel whispers, grabbing his friend's forearm. "There's someone coming."
Dean shakes his arm from the angel's grip and pulls two wooden stakes from inside his jacket pocket, moving closer to the wall. The angel follows suit. He gives one stake to the angel, who looks at it as if he'd never seen anything like it before and waves it around in front of his face, frowning, examining it closely. "Cas!" Dean hisses. "Focus!"
Castiel looks down at his feet innocently and Dean sighs. The angel opens his mouth to apologise yet again, but Dean hushes him because the footsteps are growing nearer, and Dean wants to catch whoever it is off guard. Dean holds his breath and gets his stake ready out in front of him, and gestures for Cas to do the same.

The footsteps become nearer.
And nearer.
And the sound of the dripping from down the corridor stops. Soon enough, the being of whom the footsteps belonged two begins fast approaching the pair, and Castiel shines the torch at the monster's face. The bright light stuns the beast and it snarls morbidly, revealing thousands of rotting yellow teeth erupting from the poor once-human's gums, allowing Dean enough time to slam it up against the damp walls and drive the wooden stake right into its heart. The vampire hisses as it curls over in agony, sinking to the ground. Dead.
"How many more are there left?" Castiel asks.
"Hard to tell." Dean whispers.

All of a sudden multiple pairs of feet come fast approaching. But something seems off about the uneven, unsteady pace of the footsteps approaching them. Dean was also certain he heard a faint whimpering too, which is odd for a vampire. "Who's there?" Dean calls into the darkness. The footsteps stop abruptly. "Hello? Answer me when I'm talking to you." Dean orders.
"What gives you so much authority?" A female voice calls with a hint of sarcasm.
"Excuse me?" Dean says, frowning. "Who the hell are you?"
The footsteps grow closer and so does the wimpering, but not close enough to see their faces clearly. Castiel shines the torch down the corridor to reveal two figures about five meters away. The figure on the right was unmistakably a woman…possibly even a girl, judging by her height and posture with mid-length, immaculate blonde hair. Beside her is a small dark haired guy, shaking madly (probably from fear).
"Why should I tell you?" The girl says.
"Because I'm a hunter, and me and my…friend are going to save you." Dean says, crossing his arms angrily. He turns to Cas and mutters: "We've got a cocky bitch over here."
"I kind of like her." The angel giggles, before noticing Dean's seriously glare and whispering "sorry."
"Why should I believe you're a hunter? Isn't that the sort of thing a vampire would say? Beside…I'll be the one saving you two assholes if you're not careful." The girl laughs.
"I don't like her anymore." Cas scowls.
"Well…if you're not going to co-operate, I'll be the grown up here, and introduce myself first." Dean takes a couple of steps forward and so does Cas who stands close behind. "My name is Dean Winchester and I'm a hunter."
"So you're the notorious Dean Winchester! I've heard a lot about you. You know, word gets around easily these days." The girl spits. "Who's your friend?"
"His name is Castiel. He's an angel." Dean says.
"I knew an angel once." The girl says. Although it was dark, Dean could imagine the smug expression on her over-confident little face. "My name's Buffy Summers."
"No way." Dean mutters. "She's dead. But then again," Dean pauses "you know what I find works with Slayers? Killing them."
"Then it seems with both have friends willing to bring us back to life. Oh, and don't quote my friends…that whole 'superior' attitude thing really doesn't suit you, honey." The torch light is dim but Dean can still see her smirking. Vampires are too old to understand the concept of Taking The Piss, so Dean knows that this is the real deal. This is the real Buffy Summers. "Oh," she adds "and this is Frank Iero. He's looking for his friend Gerard." She hits the guy across the back playfully and he whimpers and stumbles forward.
"Guess it looks like we're teaming up." Dean says, gritting his teeth, holding the stake tightly in his fist.
"Looks like it's heading that way." Buffy winks.

"Cas, you look after Frank. Okay?" Dean orders, turning to the angel whom was standing closer than Dean had realised.
Castiel nods "Gladly." And with a rustle of wings and his knee-length trenchcoat, he's gone. There is an audible gasp from Frank and Castiel is holding him upright. Buffy even has to double take to work out that the angel has really just teleported across the room in a second.
"Right…let's go get these blood sucking sons-of-bitches." Dean says.
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