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Forever And Always No Matter What-Chapter38

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Hi guys, you probably are pissed at me for not updating for months, and a lot of you probably won't read this, but heres the last chapter, I don't know if i should write an epilogue comment if you want one. So yeah i love you guys i have another story but i may not put it on here, if you think i should again comment.

I guys this is goodbye I hope you like the ending, I love you guys and thank you so much for reading it

Chapter 38
Gerard Way

I look to my mom and ask, “Any news?”

She frowns and says, “Not yet”

I nod, I knew that would be the answer, I just really hope the Doctor comes back in with good news. My mom looks to me and says, “Gerard, what has happened with school?”

I sigh and say, “Don’t worry about that, I’ve been doing all of my work and I’m doing okay, I’m not failing any of my classes, it’s okay don’t worry”

She purses her lips and says, “Okay honey I just Frank isn’t your only future, if he doesn’t make it you still have your art and everything”

She can’t be saying that no, she cant, I lean over and look her straight eyes, “I don’t think you understand, I love him, he is my everything, he’s the one who inspires me to draw, and I can’t lose him”

“Honey, I’m not saying he doesn’t love you I’m just saying, he may not make it through, and you have to be prepared for the worst”

“I don’t want to, I can’t lose him mom” I feel a tear fall from my face, I just can’t imagine my life without him, he makes me the happiest I’ve ever been and he makes me challenge my life to be better.

She pulls me into a hug and says, “Sweetie I know, we can only hope for the best, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up, we will find out more when the Doctor tells us the results of his testing.”

I nod, and then turn back to Frankie; I grip his hand for hope, because I can’t lose him. He is my soul mate, he is the only man I will ever love and I can’t lose him. I just don’t know what I would do without him, this must have been how he felt that day, that day when he left me the note, the day he tried to take his own life. I know that’s what my mom is worried about she doesn’t want to lose me, but I don’t know what will happen to me if I lose Frank, because losing Frank would be losing part of my heart, and without a whole heart how can I really live.

After a while The Doctor walks in with papers I stand up and the Doctor says, “The best thing for Frank is to have the surgery done, hopefully afterwards he will be able to wake up. I’m sorry to say the chance are slim, he may not come out of the coma, but the best chance he has is this surgery”

I nod and say, “Okay, when is the soonest he can have the surgery done?”

“The soonest he can have the surgery is tomorrow at 3, the surgery will be at least 2 hours long.” I nod he continues, “I need to make sure you understand the risk of this surgery, there is high risk that his body can not handle it and he may not make it through”

I nod and say, “I understand, and if this is his best chance I want it done, I just want my Frankie back and if this surgery can give him that chance I want it done”

“Okay” he nods then he leaves the room, Frank will have the surgery done and afterwards he will wake up and we will be together forever, I’m never leaving his side after this.
- 3 the next day-

The Doctors come in and start wheeling him away; I walk with them holding his hand tight wishing I could go in with him, “This is as far as you can go”

I lean forward and kiss Frank gently on his lips then whisper, “You are beautiful, talented, and most of all you are strong, so don’t stop fighting Frankie, this is the last stretch, I know you can make it, you can make it through this surgery and then it’s you and me the rest of our lives, you can make, I know you can, you are gonna grow old and live very long, I love you Frankie forever and always not matter what”

Then they take him away leaving me standing there, I walk back to the waiting room and try my hardest to turn my brain off, because I know these two hours are going to be terrible.

An hour in and my mind has turned to complete panic only thinking about what would happen if he didn’t make it, I can’t live without him, forget that bullshit about him being half of my heart, he is my whole fucking heart, and with out a heart it is impossible to live.

Another hour passes and I see his doctor walking out to me, its over the surgery is over, I search his face for good or bad new but doctors are pretty fucking amazing at a poker face. I stand up and finish the distance between us then he starts, “There were some complications with Franks surgery,” my heart plummets what does that mean, “but in the end it went well”

I let out an audible breath relieved that Frank is alive, “will he wake up?”

The doctors face falls quickly making me worry, “We wont know that until awhile, there the very likely chance that he will not wake up, but for all we know he could be waking up as we speak”

“Can I see him”

The doctor nods and I quickly run into Franks room seeing him asleep, a little disappointed wanting him to be awake, but relieved to still see the rise and fall of his chest. I walk up to him slowly and take a seat next to him, slipping my hand under his and gripping it hard. I kiss his hand then feel a slow tear fall from my eyes and I put my head down on his hand letting the tears fall freely, “I love you Frankie”

Then I hear a familiar but raspy voice say, “Don’t cry Gee, I love you forever and always no matter what”

My head snaps up to see Frank sitting there with his eyes slightly open, he’s awake. My face now completely drenched in tears I bring my face to his my hand cupping under his chin I whisper, “Forever and always no matter what”

Then I kiss him and he kisses back finally feeling the passion and love that I’ve missed for so long, Frank is alive, awake, and he’s with me Forever And Always No Matter What.
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