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Mikey relays Andy's message to Gerard

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Even with the cup of coffee that Andy had, he was feeling still a mix between being overly jittery, with a fluttering stomach, and sleepy. Against his will, his eyelids began to droop. Soon enough, they had shut, and his head dropped onto the table. He was out, and would stay that way for several hours.

Half an hour after he knocked out, Ronnie woke up. He stretched, unwilling to get out of bed. While it wasn't one of the most amazing beds in the world, it was still a hell of a lot more comfortable than most of the places that he usually crashed out on. Idly, he thought about what had happened last night. Why had he chosen to come over that night of all nights? And why had he picked Andy to help him?

Did he really want to help the drug addicted singer? Or would he decide to give up on Ronnie the minute that the going got rough? Or worst of all, was Andy just doing this for bragging rights, or because he wanted to make people think he was such a generous person? This last thought in particular troubled Ronnie.

He sighed. Apparently thinking about anything regarding last night, especially Andy's true motives, or why he chose to reach out, would just stress him out. He didn't particularly feel like going gray prematurely either. Then, he rolled over, quickly entering a light doze. About an hour after this, Gerard, finally having woken up, checked his phone. He say the text Mikey had sent him, saying "Hey u awake?"

He replied, "Yea, y?"

Mikey sent back a message a moment later that simply read, "Call me."

Gerard couldn't help but roll his eyes at his brother being so mysterious. Nonetheless, he called the skinny bassist, who picked up immediately.

"Hey Mikes, what's up with all the secrecy?"

"You remember Andy right?"

"Uh, shit, tall, skinny kid? Voice too deep for his looks?" Gerard asked, mostly drawing a blank.

Mikey let out a chuckle, before saying, "Yep."

"Oh, what's wrong? Is he in trouble or some shit?"

"Well do you remember Ronnie too?"

"Escape the Fate?"

"Formerly, yeah."

"Ok, what happened?"

"Alright, turns out Ronnie's got some issues, and he needs help. He asked Andy to help him, and Andy asked me for help getting in contact with you, cause he thinks you'd know what to do."

"Look, if it's about the boyfriends of all the girls he slept with trying to kill him, I got no advice. Tell Andy go ask that guy in his band who can't keep it in his pants." Gerard said. Truth be told, as famous and attractive as he was, he hadn't been with many women, and a very small percent of those had been groupies.

"It's not a womanizer problem. It's-"

"It's not?"

"No, it-"

"Then what is it?"

"I've been trying to tell you! Drugs!"

"Oh shit!"

"Oh shit is right!"
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