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chapter 6

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Frank has some sort of tradition on weekends, when he wakes up doesn’t speak one word for at least an hour and his parents know that.
When he wakes up he just goes to the kitchen in his boxers pours himself a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal (I know weird) and goes on tumblr and today was not different except he was really grumpy cause he kept tossing and turning till 5 AM and that his mom woke him up saying he should go outside and not waste his life sleeping.

He did his routine and sat on the kitchen table with his coffee and cereal on the side, he heard voices he normally wouldn’t bother with it except he recognized that voice, it was Gerard’s and it was really close.
“Oh shit” he said before getting up really fast and dropping his cup of coffee off the table on the way.
“What was that?” Linda said popping her head from behind the wall.
“Oh frank, honey are you okay?” Linda said coming fully into view and rushing to clean up the mess he made.
“yeah mom I’m fine” he said looking down his face burning up cause he can see Gerard standing by the wall watching.
“how rude Frankie, put some clothes on” his mom whispered loudly and he heard Gerard chuckling so he decided to save whatever was left from his dignity and go put some clothes on and walked with his head hanging low and stopped by gerard’s body blocking half of his
“Nice boxers” Gerard whispered in his ear and smirked while Linda was picking up broken cup pieces he looked down to see he picked the wrong day to wear his comfy floral boxer shorts it’s official Frank hates his life. “they’re comfy” Frank said pushing Gerard out of his way and walking towards the stairs only to look back and find what he hadn’t expected. Gerard way was checking him out. No. wait. Yes he was defiantly checking him out.
He opened his mouth and shut it and opened it and shut it again and ran up the stairs.

so so sorrry it's lat and it's short more coming soon
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