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I Hope I Made You Proud

by MCR-99 1 review

*This poem can be for anyone that knows me okay* Based loosely off of Second and Sebring by Of Mice & Men

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-06-28 - 248 words

I Hope I Made You Proud

Everyday I hear you say,
to try harder,
to be stronger,
to get somewhere in life.

You say I have to be myself,
to be happy,
to tell the truth,
to tell you if something is wrong.

You say I have to learn and grow,
to be smart and tall,
to stand on my own two feet.

Well, look at me now,
I dare you to,
to see what you have created.

You've created and moulded,
a smart girl,
with good levels and grades,
with good grammar and flow,
who writes masterpieces and draws amazingly.

You've created someone,
who is brave, and has courage,
who is learning to be herself,
to be happy with her own body and mind,
someone who people would like.

So, look at me now,
look at what I've become,
you wanted this,
so you made it.

I hope I made you smile,
I hope I made you laugh,
I hope that you cried with joy,
at your little created toy,
but the thing I hope for most;
I hope I made you smile.

This can be for anyone. Friends on here, you've made me a different person. Parents, even though they'd never dare to read this, they know they helped me a lot along the way in my life, and will continue to. Every single one of you have helped mould this wonderful girl you read about before you, that is me.
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xoxo Sadie
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