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Sincerely, us (chapter 7)

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i dont know what has happened to us, but we can try to figure it out.

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Since that day , it's been a hazzard with Ashley. All we've been doing is ignoring eachother. I can't remember the last time we kissed-the last time we had sex-the last time i heard her giggle, or even saw those black and grey chocolate-moon diamond eyes. Things have spiraled out of control. It's as if our determination to fix what is going on in front of us is invisble. And she knows it too. What is pin pointed at six months feels like 10 years since we cuddled. Looking into my own thoughts, 10 years ago, things were easy. Life was and we could do our own thing. We'd say"Motherfuck the crazy people in this world!". 10 years ago, things were fun. Even now....Bullshit. I feel like the word dissapointment is taking a meat cleaver to my heart and brutally stabs at it and feeds it to the lions in the jungle. Prostituting myself to my ex boyfriend and my ex girlfriend isnt worth it. I miss you, Ashley.

Don't get me wrong I love Matt and Chelsea but they dont have my heart the way they used to. Gardner, is different. He still is. The first time we hugged.....I never felt a feeling of butterflies floating in my stomach. When i wrapped my arms aroind his neck and he held me for 15 minutes--had me hypnotized by his touch. No matter how much i like being with Matt and Chelsea, Gardner is my everything. Life without you i just cant function. I miss you, Gardner.
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