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Sincerely, us (chapter 10)

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Sure we're not like everyone else, but who make me happy.

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Flash back

"I dont understand why you cant accept us being together!".Yells Ashley.

"Ash, he is your cousin! Do you know how degrading and nasty that sounds? Do you know how much shame and embarrasement you and Gardner would cause this family?". Says her mom, Susan.

"Who are you to talk, Mom? You married Brandon, YOUR SECOND COUSIN. So why cant I marry Gardner?".

"He is my second cousin, BUT WE ARE NOT RELATED, , sweetie you and him are too young. He is 15 and your 14. Whe you and him are 18 then you both can get married, but right now me and your father wont allow it"

"Are you fucking kidding me?!".

"Watch your language!". Yells Ashleys dad, Brandon.

"I love him and he loves me....Doesnt that mean anything to either of you?".

"It does Ash, but-"

"Wait , how were you when you both got married?", Asks Gardner.

"We were twenty one". No, we actually got married whem we were 17. " I know whats best for you, listen, I love Gardner like my own son;He is polite and smart but think about it-how would your grandparents feel if they knew you and Gardner wanted to marry eachother?".

"Why are you being such hypocrites right now?".

"LISTEN ASHLEY!. You're not gonna marry Gardner, period! Now get that through your stubnorn brain, okay?!".

Ashleys dad never yelled at her but when he did she felt the pain. They made the mistake to get married at age 17, and not have been happy since. There chemistry has fallen and has been sucked into a tornado of broken love. The night time is crawling in as Ashley and Gardner sit on the steps in front of her house, during a party for a successful buisness proposal by her father.

"I'm sorry about what happened in the house".

"It's okay. I never told you this, and i dont know if now is the best time to say it, but i love you. I love hounwith all my heart. Sure we are first cousins but who cares".

"Awww. Do you really love me?".

"Of course. Forever, for all eternity".

The second there hands touhed and there lips hit together, love became there missionary for eachother. It became the survival guide to ignore the noise from family.
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