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Sincerely, us (Chapter 11)

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Who cares if people think we are weird. I love you. You, and only you.

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"I wish I knew ". Says Gardner.

"What do you mean?". Ashley says.

"I wish i knew what is going on with us. Maybe 10 years ago your mom and dad were right. Getting married at a young age was a bad idea for me.....And for you".

"What do you mean, Gardner? What are you talking about?".

"Look at us, Ash! Look at who we are. I.....We....."

"What? What domyou want do you want to say?".

"Ashley, i cheated on you".

"I know. I cheated on you too".

"I feel so...hurt. Guilty".

"Matt and Chelsea isnt you".

"And Dave and April isnt you".

"I didnt think we would crack from the past negatives".

"Me neither".

"So what should we do now?".

"I still love you. Im sorry....Im sorry i never became the man imwas forced to be 10 years ago".

"Im sorry, i didnt appreciate how good you treated me. Do you really love me?".

"Of course. Forever, for all eternity".

The end.

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