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Mother's Poem.

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Mother, this is for you. *the poem I wrote for my mum for her birthday*

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Mother's Poem.

Mother, this is for you,
Your poem, and your song,
Penned by your daughter,
Who loves you so dear,
And never wants to see you,
Shed a tear.

Mother, let me start by saying thank you.

Thank you for giving me a life,
Something to treasure.

Thank you for giving me a home;
Love and care.

Thank you for all the times of help;
For picking me up when I was down.

Thank you for all the love and care,
That way, I knew,
You were always there.

Now, I have apologies,
To try and make amends,
And repair these bridges.

I'm sorry for lying,
For making you sad,
It made you cry,
And made me feel bad.

I'm sorry for being moody,
And tired when the kids come over,
It's just, I'm trying to get things in order,
And try and smile again.

I'm sorry for being messy,
And untidy,
I'm trying so hard to stop.

There's so much more to say sorry for,
But, sometimes sorry is never enough.

I love you so much mother,
I really do,
I'm trying so much,
To be like you.

To be someone kind,
And willing to give,
To be happy,
That's what I'm trying to do.

We've reached near the end,
Of this letter; this ode,
But, there is one more thing,
I really must say.

Happy birthday, mum,
This is your day,
I love you so much,
Please, never go away,
I can't bear to see you go,
When that time comes,
So for now I give you,
My words of love.

A/N: This actually is 100% real, and from my heart. I really love my mum so much, that sometimes, if I worry about her so much, I cry. Mst of the time, I cry myself to sleep, because I can't bear to know what'll happen when she dies. My mum means everything to me. All those things I said I was sorry for are real. I am trying to be happy again. This is just the start, me writing makes me feel happy, because it's like I'm in a new world, different from this one. There's no pain, no suffering, only words, but the words create a picture, beautiful, and sometimes cryptic. That's what makes me happy.
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