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Deflowering Brandon Flowers

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The title says it all.

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There we both were; sixteen and nervous as hell. It was 1997, July 5th. We had just finished the other day celebrating Uncle Sam's day in all our red, white and blue pride. Brandon was a virgin, and so was I. We both sat at the end of his bed farther apart than usual listening to his music which was on his chipped blue wooden desk playing the album of my teenaged years; Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, Disorder was playing while we sat there. I looked around his white walls at the posters. Oasis, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths and The Pet Shop Boys were dressing the empty walls. He was very tidy with his room which wasn't normal for him, he'd only cleaned it up for this special occasion. The lighting was dim, dark but not dark enough to not see every detail of him. His parents and siblings went to go visit his aunt and he faked the flu so he could stay home and invite me over. I looked at the box of condoms on his desk and it almost shook me seeing them. I was excited but more shook up. My legs had goosebumps on them, I could feel them raising all over my legs. I took the time this morning to shave everything. I didn't want to look weird in front of Brandon. I plucked my eyebrows, popped every pimple and covered everything that needed covering with face makeup. My hair was straightened perhaps too much. We knew this was happening in advance of two weeks just in case my precious aunt flow decided to visit and stop us. I worked out and we spoke about our fantasies when we were alone. He was dressed in his blue jeans and shirt with yellow sweat stains on it that was over sized for his body since his weight loss. He wasn't fat, he just had some extra as a kid so he'd sweat a lot. His hair was shaggy and he had bangs like I used to but his forehead was overly sweaty. He has a rose in his cheeks and a ruby hue in his pink lips. His shoes were off and mine were as well. I had my black jeans on and a light pink satin top with spaghetti straps. (This was 1997, don't judge me.) I didn't have socks on, I should have worn shoes that needed some. I wouldn't have been so self conscious about my feet. I look at Brandon. He laughs a smile and I see his sweating shaking hands. I was tired of sitting. I wanted to lie down. I looked at him and he smiled with his lips again. I knew he wouldn't make a move, I felt sorry for him. He was overly shy. So I scooted closer to him and grabbed his face with my hands clashing my lips with his. Our mouths moved together and I felt him get into it. He grabbed the side of my hip as my left hand moved to the back of his head full of hair. He pulled me up to the pillow of his bed and laid me down softly never breaking the frantic emotional kiss. He panted for a second and I gulped after he tore from my face still above me. He moved his hands up my top and I lifted my hands for him to pull it over my head. He tossed the clothing aside and started to kiss my chest. I was so small to him, he was so tall. If he wasn't such a shy boy I could never escape. He squeezed his right hand behind my back to grab my bra clasp as he kissed my neck slightly tugging with his teeth rarely. I felt him harden against me, his jeans were so tight I swore he would have exploded right then and there. He finally grabbed the clasp and squeezed it accidentally pinching my skin so a whined.

"Sorry." He took a breath from kissing my neck and pulled the black under garment off.

"Pain and pleasure mix together." I chuckled before he smirked and moved his mouth to my left breast, cupping my right he sucked and pulled on my skin. I moaned and fitted his hair, he pulled back up to kiss my lips and I moved my hand to the bottom of his shirt and I tore it off over his head. I got a good look at his tan chest after I stopped kissing him, he's so chiseled and he shaved his tiny teenaged boy chest hairs for this. I bit my lip and looked into his big brown eyes. I descended my hands to the fly of his second hand gap jeans. I first unbuttoned the jeans and then unzipped the pants while he stared at my focused eyes. My hair was scattered on his stained white pillow case and only moved when Brandon pulled me. He tugs his jeans and his underwear down and I could feel his hard throbbing member against my stomach as he kicked the heavy fabric off his ankles onto his carpet floor trying to kiss my lips while kicking they finally fell. He moved his head down planting sucking kisses from my collar bone to my navel. I felt his hands rock in my jeans as he unlatched anything taking him from my body. He pulled them down along with my underwear. I started to shake slightly, he'd be seeing me for the first time without clothes. He pulled the pants from my feet and chucked them off the bed. I sat up as he turned around standing by his desk fitting the condom on judging by the sound of the wrapper crinkling. I took a deep breath and sat up slightly and raised my legs up so I would look skinnier to him. He turned around and I saw him as beautiful as ever; nude. He crawled back up to me on the bed and kissed me passionately grabbing a fistful of my hair and sucking the air from my mouth after a couple naughty nibbles of my bottom him. I could feel him throb against me.

"You sure?" He said throwing my bodice down on the bed. My hands were at my sides and he was blinking profusely.

"Yes, I'm sure." I nodded and looked into his eager eyes. He exhaled and moved down on me grabbing my shoulders and sliding himself into me, I moan. I felt this uncontrollable need to squeeze something so I squeezed his bedsheets. He begins to thrust, making it deeper every time I made a moan or gasp. With his hands on the sides of my head level he looked into my sea green eyes. He felt so good inside me. So hard, so raw. His lip drooped down and he grabbed my gripping bed sheet hands and pulled them to where he was placing his. He intertwined his fingers with mine. Our palms were against another and he would squeeze after one or two thrusts.

"Brand-!" I screamed and gasped feeling an intense need for release come to my body.

"You feel so good and wet, baby." I scanned at the sweat on his brow. He started making the thrusts deeper and closer to my body causing my insides to throb as well. His words were making me melt, he showed me a different side of him. He was never this shy, but the want for each other was so great I even started digging my finger nails into his hands causing blood to draw. "That was really bad of you." He smirks and stops thrusting looking at his bleeding hand and pulling his weight off of me. He licked his hand. "Tastes good-" He said and I gave him a disgusted look. "-but I bet you'll taste better." He said before moving his lips to my pelvic area. I cringed slightly nervous of the possible pain, would he bite me? I felt his tongue taste me in my soaking wet glory. I moaned and threw my head back.

"Are you sure I'm your first?" I chuckled panting and looking at his head between my legs.

"Shh." He muffled munching on me. I felt his hands massage my thighs as he continued to lick and suck with his tongue.

"Fuck." I gasped as he hit the spot. "Brandon-" I moaned and moved my hands to his head pulling his hair. He looked up and smiled with a cheeky grin.

"You taste amazing." He chuckled fitting himself back inside me slowly as I positioned his head between my hands. He started moving again, I felt his hard dick move inside me.

"Faster-" I froze as he collapsed my ear. I could hear every moan and groan coming from his lips. He thrust faster and faster til I could feel myself burn with passion inside. He was throbbing faster than ever. He felt so good too. "I'm close." I told him in his ear.

"Cum for me, beautiful." He roared. I focused on the connection between Brandon and I. I felt the high and smiled and bit my lip soon before he exploded in my body. He collapsed aside me, with our chests heaving. I felt so relaxed beside this boy.
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