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My Weird Ass Dreams

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First off, I'd like to thank everyone who rated and reviewed the poem I wrote yesterday entitled "A Note".
I'm very grateful of everyone who took the time to read it, even if you didn't post a review or rate it. Thank you. c:

Now, I'd like to share some very weird dreams I've had over the course of two nights.

1. My mum and my brother can back from Mexico(my mum was talking about, the night before, how she might go to Mexico with my bro and leave my other bro and I alone so my bro can meet my grandmum) and my mum arranged a flight to Mexico just for her and I, but we'd have to stop at Florida and take another flight. After packing, panicking, yelling, ultimately "we decided not to go at the end of the dream.

2. My ex crush comes back to our neighborhood(because he moved) and we notice this when he's playing sports in the park one day when my friends Fion and Julian are hanging out with me in my old middle school's school yard. I am grossed out by this because I do not like him anymore. He kind of repulses me now. So, I'm using a computer in my dream and my ex crush ASKS MY OLDER BROTHER IF HE CAN TAKE ME ON A DATE WHAT. My older brother is pissed but AGREES OHMYGOSH. We go on a date on the condition that I take my friends Fion and Julian. I INSISTED AND THAT'S PROBABLY WHAT I'D DO IN REAL LIFE OH MY GOSH. So, we go on this date and Fion and Julian and I just end up reading fanfiction together while my "date" is left out and lost.

3. My friend, let's call him Tommy (I met him in Spanish, he's two years older than me, he's Jewish), has a cousin who owns a toy making shop. Tommy and I visit this shop and we make these little figurines. Then, we're in my science teacher's classroom. It's the last class, last day of school. We're drawing stuff mu science teacher tells us to draw. I draw the best that I can and my science teacher tells me "you draw really bad" or "that has no passion. That's not art". I get frustrated while Tommy tells me to calm down. Soon, class is over and so is the school day. For some reason, it looks like it's night time already outside. My friend Tommy and I, for the first time ever, we hug. Tommy pulls me into this tight hug, the best hug I'd ever gotten and we're both not huggers. We mumble stuff to each other while we're hugging, "I'm gonna miss you", "have a good summer", "be good". One of my friends walks in during this long, tight hug and the friend grins, and I know he's gonna try to insinuate something sexual so I pull away. I say my last goodbyes and I leave. I run into a bunch of friends there and I say goodbye. I walk out into the road and, for some reason, it's cold and snowing. I walk along the road on my way to a bus station while cars try to hit me. I walk into a Dunkin Donuts and run into a few teachers, and I order a coffee and a donut. I eat the donut and I wake up.

I applaud you if you read all that.
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