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Just One Drink Can Ruin Everything

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All he said was just one drink, but he never expected to get this fucked up.. *Asking Alexandria Oneshot*

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Just One Drink Can Ruin Everything.
Oneshot starring: Asking Alexandria.
Contains: Mild Drug Abuse, Some Sexual Scenes.
Rated: R.

Bzzzzz the phone went off with a vibrate, followed by a low groan from a middle aged man as he sat up and answered the phone.

"Hello?" The man croaked, still tired and seemed very hungover.

"Danny!" A younger man shouted down the line. "Get your ass up, dude! Asking's set time was changed, so you're on in thirty minutes." Then the line went dead, and the curse came from the older man's lips.


Danny Worsnop, frontman for the British rock band Asking Alexandria, shifted from the floor of the cheap Hollywood motel he was staying the night in, and stumbled his way into the dirty bathroom. He stopped himself before the grimed mirror and took a look at his drunken form, before swiging the can of Stella Artois perched on the side. He then unzipped his fly and stood before the urinal, watching as his piss poured out into the small bowl. Once all that was done, Danny grabbed his jacket and walked out the door to meet up with the rest of his band.


In another part of town, the rest of the band were soon discovering about the set change. After a few minutes, the whole band, including Ben, James, Sam and Cameron, were waltzing down Hollywood Boulevard, like they were the top dogs of the streets. They passed the famous Roxy bar, and Ben stopped, patting his friends on the shoulder.

"How about a drink, before we go on?" The brown-haired guitarist smiled mischeviously, and the rest of the band agreed.

"Just one drink.." Danny muttered, before all five of them walked in the bar, eyeing up the good-looking females as they walked by, but one caught their eyes as they sat on the bar stools and ordered 'Just One Drink'. The woman, 22-year-old Andi, strutted down the busy aisle up to the bar stools, flashing a smile at every genteman that wolf-whistled towards her, but she only had eyes on one man.

"How about we go somewhere, a little more.. private." Andi whispered seductively in Danny's ear, slipping closer to him, as Ben watched by, heartbroken, yet didn't let it pass him by. Danny grinned from ear-to-ear, as he nodded. Yet, when he least expected it, Andi dropped a small pill of Sustengo, a boner pill, into Danny's glass, which he quickly consumed, and the two of them headed to the bathrooms.


After a quick fuck on the bathroom floor, Andi led Danny to the lap-dance room, and pushed him down in the brown chair, before sitting on his lap and kissing him forcefully. He was enjoying it very much, but suddenly, Andi smiled, before her hands entwinned around Danny's neck and she squeezed, choking him with all the power she could muster.

"Stop!" Danny croaked, gasping for precious oxygen, and tried to pry the malicious, murderous woman off of him, yet to no avail. Within minutes, Danny's eyes glassed over as he slipped into unconsciousness. Andi watched as the foamy substance of the pill poured from Danny's lips, and climbed off of his lap and walked away.

"Danny!" Ben called, searching every room for the sight of Dannyh, and the little whore who'd ran off with him. "Danny, where the fuck are you?!"


The door to the room Danny layed unconscious in was broken off the hinges, and Ben dashed to the body, shaking him by the shoulders.

"Danny!" Ben yelled, hoping to wake him. "Danny, please, wake up!" Ben grabbed the mobile from his pocket and dialled a number, before yelling down the phone.

"Help, please! My friend, Danny, he's not responding, and we have a show in 30 minutes!"

* Part Two *

Ben, where the fuck are you?! The venue's full, everyone's waiting, and the manager is getting pissed. Call me as soon as you get this.

Of course, Ben was not there to answer the angered call from the band's manager. He was sat in the ambulance outside the Roxy, trying everything to wake the frontman up before it was too late. Out of the corner of his eye, Ben spotted a needle filled with clear liquid, and, without thinking, he picked it up and pushed the needle into Danny's chest, pushing it down and watching as the liquid went into the singer's system. The singer shot up, suddenly, screaming.

"Ahhhhhhh!" He ripped off the hospital gown with force, before jumping off the gourney and running out the ambulance, Ben following suit.

"Danny, you're alive!" Ben cheered.

"Of course I'm fucking alive you twat!" Danny cursed. "I wasn't even dead."

"Danny, Ben!" James called to them. "Where the fuck have you been? The show's about to start!"

"Long story, we'll explain on the way." Ben panted, before a grand limo rolled up, and the band got in, drivng away, and leaving a scowling Andi behind.


"Wait." Cameron said, raising up his hands. "So, this Andi chick drugged you, fucked you, and tried to kill you?!"

"That's what happened?" Danny said, hoarsely, slowly losing his consciousness again, if it wasn't for Ben slapping his back to reality. Literally. "I.. I can't remember a thing."

"Obviously.." James muttered. "She must've drugged you with a fucking amnesia pill or something."

"Actually, she didn't." Ben announced. "She used a drug called Sustengo."

"Sustengo?" Danny raised an eyebrow, not recognising the name.

"Boner pill."


"Um, guys, it looks like we're stuck in traffic." Sam had his head out the sun-roof, gazing at the traffic that lasted for the last ten miles.

"Great.." Danny muttered, after sipping the water bottle Ben had just given him, and re-gaining his energy. "Now what are we gonna do?"

"We're nearly at the venue." Ben told them. "If we just go two blocks west, we're there."

Cameron opened the limo door. "Then let's go." And the band filed out of the car, and ran for the venue.


"Ladies and Gents, may I introduce to you, all the way from the UK, Asking Alexandria!" The crowd cheered loudly as the band walked onstage. The screams and cheers got even louder as the band belted out mega-hits A Prophecy, The Final Episode, Reckless and Relentless, and, finally, Dear Insanity. The crowd sung and screamed every word, and soon the ender came along, making the atmosphere even more better.

I've walked the road for hours,
to the great white halls and the oceans,
I search for solace in this toxic land of sin,
just let me in, don't wake me up,
their songs are soothing,
the wine subdues me...

And, slowly but surely, Danny Worsnop realised that just one drink can ruin everything..

* The End *

A/N: So, what did you think? Good? Bad? Okay? Tell me! I used both the To The Stage and Dear Insanity music video, from the great Asking Alexandria. Do you guys think I should write more Asking Alexandria stuff? Tell me! Rate and Review! xoxo Sadie. (PS: I know this was gonna be a two shot, but I decided to mae it a oneshot, so it was all under one title.)
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