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She was an experiment, a test to see how a human being would react to years of solitude

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"Well, Mr and Mrs Meesun, we would greatly appreciate it if you would allow us to use young Bridgette here in an experiment we've been itching to try out." A middle aged woman, in a much too large bleach white labcoat paced in front of the two young parents, both becoming more protective over the newborn as the seconds ticked on.

"Whats this experiment you keep talking about? We get you want to do it and all. But what the fuck does this have to do with my baby girl?" The younger woman snapped, getting sick and tired of the scientists all avoiding their questions.

"We would take her, once shes a year old; teach her only how to read, write and speak english. Then put her in a cell, leaving her to live her life in pure solitary confinement, only to be released once she hits the age of 18." The woman smiled, only to watch as the parents stood in a hurry, clutching their daughter close as they began to storm off.

"Lily, do you really think storming away; trying to get out of here will really help anything? My god, if you try to escape without giving this a chance; you'll only force your daughter to grow up an orphan." The elder woman chuckled to herself, ignoring the disgusted looks she was receiving from the two others.

"You're telling me, that if we say no to giving you our daughter....You'll kill us?!" The man growled, approaching the various scientists, slamming his hands firmly down on the steel table.

"Well if you put it that way, it sounds so rude; so terribly morbid of us. We prefer to call it, a motivational push in the right direction." The woman explained, her venomous words followed by a casual shrug

"Fine. If giving you Bridge means we'll be able to see her at some point in her life, you can take her." Lily sighed, eyes slowly closing in defeat.

"Wonderful! We will come back in a few months to claim our test subject. Glad you could play such a major roll in our experiment." The woman gave an offset grin, watching as Lily wiped tears from her pale green eyes, as Trent sat quiet.

"I'm sorry darling, so, so sorry."
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