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Lovers Embrace

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Harry and Remus find romance after the war in each other. OneShot. Slash.

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Disclaimer: I own neither Harry, Remus, Sirius or the Harry Potter world, but I wish I did.

Lovers embrace.

"Love provides a blanket of warmth that makes all insecurities vanish."
Albert Newton: Lovers Cross
Harry laid in his lovers arms, feeling the strong muscles under the skin that held him, he looked up into the amber eyes of Remus and smiled softly "Remus, why do you love me?"
Remus chuckled and ran his hand through Harry's hair "because you are sexy, smart, rich, famous and powerful"
Harry scowled and pulled back but Remus pulled him back down "I love you because you are you, you have this inner power that I love"
Harry smiled and leaned in to kiss his lips softly, Harry pulled back and looked into his eyes "Remus, do you ever miss him?" he asked softly.
Remus looked at him confusedly "miss who Harry?" he questioned lightly, though he had an inkling as to who Harry was speaking about.
Harry sighed and leaned into Remus' arms, circling his own arms around the bare chest "Sirius, I miss him a lot"
"So do I cub, but we can't bring back the dead, though we can always remember him in our memories and our hearts, then, when we pass on, we can see him in the afterlife" Remus answered while trailing his fingers down Harry's back.
Harry smiled softly and asked "Remus, can you promise me something?"
Remus frowned at Harry "anything you want cub, you know that" he answered.
Harry smiled and leaned in close to nibble Remus on the ear softly, after a few minutes, Harry whispered "never leave me to be alone"
Remus looked at him with a smile "I can promise you something Harry, I will always, and I mean this, always stay by your side, but when my time comes, it will come and you must move on"
Harry kissed him hungrily and Remus replied in kind, they held each other, their hands roaming the bodies of their opposite, lusting for acceptance in the world and for someone to love and for someone to love them back, forgetting the troubles of the lives lost in war and the terrible pasts they had before them. As they held each other hours later, they lay staring into each others eyes, vivid green meeting amber, both sparkling with love, knowing that they had found someone to accept them for who they were, not caring what others thought of them and a sense of fulfilment that could never be filled by another.

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Not much of a one shot I know, but I thought it was cute.
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