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Life On The Murder Sceen

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It doesn't have anything to do with the members, but the title is the same as the DVD. It's based off the movie Dawn Of The Dead (One-Shot)

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What was that?
What was what?
That Gerardine, that.
Brendon, there’s just us and the head stones.
The grass, it’s moving.
Brendon seriously grass doesn’t . . .
Gerardine looks to where Brendon is staring and relises he is right.
Move, she finishes.
Brendon and Gerardine slowly turn and look at each other with horrified expressions. They simultaneously scream zombie, just as a half decayed hand breaks through the soil. The two teens look at the hand as the rest of the arm emerges. Gerardine and Brendon bolt just as more bodies emerge from their graves. They are quickly swarmed by the half rotten bodies.
Now is not the time.
But, Gerardine.
Brendon waves the gun he keeps in his back pocket at Gerardine. She gives him an evil smile.
She replies with a simple, go for their heads.
Brendon starts clearing a path to the cemetery gates. When they are about a hundred meters from the gates, a self-reinforced van pulls up and a really muscular guy jumps out the back with a 50 cal rifle and starts shooting the zombies. Brendon and Gerardine make it to the van minutes later.

The muscular guy yells for them to get in the van. They do so without any hesitations and the muscular guy soon follows, yelling, drive.
Are you kids alright?
Yes thanks, you saved our buts back there, oh I’m Brendon and this is Gerardine.
Gerardine gives a little smile.
I’m Ban, replies the muscular guy.
Ban casually point to a short boy with black hair and hyperactive green eyes.
That’s Franklin.
Then Ban informs Brendon and Gerardine that the tall, thin man with dirty blonde hair, driving the van is Chace.

As the van goes calmly through town more gun shots and terrified screams can be heard from people unaware of the situation at hand. They pull into an empty parking lot of a deserted mall.
There appear to be no zombies around, but we should keep an eye out just in case.
Okay, Franklin. We go in and barricade anywhere that a zombie can get in is that clear? Ban says.
Everyone nods in unison. Chace hands Franklin an MP 14, and Gerardine a (insert name latter).
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