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My Life As A Vampire

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It's not about them. I made their names girly.

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Where to start, well maybe I should start from the beginning. Before I was a creature of the night.

It was late June that we started packing to move from sunny California to New Jersey. I wasn’t complaining unlike my twin brothers Brendon and Adreon.
Why do we have to move?
Yeah my social life is in jeopardy.
I don’t care we are going end of story.
Personally I was glad we were moving because I never fit in at my old school and it would be a chance that I would fit in at a new one, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath over it.
Gerardine turn that crap you call music off and finish packing.
Excuse me it’s not crap, and I can listen to it and still pack.
Whatever just do it.
I forgot to mention that I not only don’t fit in at school but I don’t at home either. My brothers only care about sport and their social lives, and mom doesn’t care about what I like. She is always going on about how pale I am and the fact I don’t play sport like my brothers. Yep my family is real supportive, NOT.

Hay Gerardine what’s black and white and red allover?
Hmm let me think, is it me bashing the crap out of you.
No, it’s a newspaper.
Adreon, you’re an idiot.
She has got a point.
Go get hit by a bus so I can finish packing.

We traveled for hours, and when we final reached Belleville, New Jersey it was late afternoon. Brendon and Adreon were fighting over who wanted what side of the room. It wasn’t hard for me to choose my room because this house had a basement, and I always wanted my room in a basement. There was only one problem with it, it was cream. I would have to do till I could paint it black, until then it’s plain cream walls.

I started getting the boxes with all my stuff out of the moving van because it wasn’t my room till it had my stuff in it. The furniture would have to wait till tomorrow, when the second moving van arrived. I opened the boxes and started sorting through

The following day the second van arrived, but

There are only two people who get me and they are my friends Francine, Roberta, Michelle and Ryan
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