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Chapter Two - Think About It

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Chapter Two - Think About It

"Jesus, Rayven," The boy who awoke her, Rayven's crazy and comedic friend Danny laughed, as Rayven groggily rubbed the sleep from her hazel eyes. "You take so long to wake up I swear.". Rayven scowled at this comment, before sitting up in bed and getting out the bed itself after a few short minutes.

"Well, excuse me, Mr. Punctual." Rayven commented, making Danny scowl this time, and making Rayven chuckle.

"Hey, it's not my fault I wanna be on time to stuff, that is pretty important for our health and well-being."

"Yes, like sitting in a room, with the Chairman of Evil staring back at you and asking 'so how are you doing today?', is going to help with our health." Rayven walked over to her wardrobe and opened it up, rummaging through the clothes both hung up on hangers, and strewn across the floor of the oak wardrobe. She then continued to pick up various items of clothing and held them up against her boney frame, before picking a nice, dark-green top with a skull on it, and placed it over the black vest covering her torso. She then looked through her clothes again, and picked out some Jeggings, in the skinny-jean style, and put them on too.

"C'mon." Danny said, as Rayven put on her white converse and fastened them up. "Doctor. Vine isn't that bad."

"Isn't that bad?" Rayven rolled her eyes. "He's fucking mad. Plus, he fucking hates us." It was true, Doctor. Vine did in fact hate every person at Sanctuary, the mental hospital off of the east coast of North Dakota. Most of the people here were teens, some even young children, as young as eight, with mental problems. Some had self-harm issues, which was what Rayven was here with, as well as clinical insomnia and night terrors. Others were just fucking crazy, like Danny. He'd come to Sanctuary about three weeks ago, with a 'Killer's Instinct', a mental problem which drives people to kill, or just dangerously harm others. Well, he did try to burn down his step-father's old house after he'd beatened both him and his mother so badly, his mother commited suicide.

"He doesn't." Danny protested, then thought about it. "Okay, he does. But, we still have to go."

"Fine. Then let's go."


"Come in." The deep and dark voice of Doctor. Vine boomed from the other side of the wooden door, and Rayven gulped silently as she opened the door and entered, shutting it behind her, and sat in one of the run down office chairs facing Doctor. Vine. The Doctor was a very small man, with a bald head and gleaming black eyes, which could stare straight into your soul if you angered him enough. He was very tall, with a good build and skin tone, and he was very demanding. He sat before Rayven, glaring at her, before asking her the same thing he did every week.

"So, how are we today?"

"Fine." There came the usual answer from Rayven, nothing more and nothing less. Yet the Doctor pressed on.

"Really? No.. sadness? Cuts, bruises, any of those sorts?"

"No." Rayven replied. "I've been clean for almost two weeks."

"That's good." Doctor. Vine said, with a hint of sarcasm in his tone. "And, the night terrors, how are they?"

"Okay, I guess. I mean, I had a new one last night. Ten in total now."

"And, what was it?" The Doctor asked.

"I was.. I was in a forest, like the one behind my old house, and it was dark. I was running from something, and I just kept on running, trying to find my way out. Then.."

"Then what?"

"Then, I tripped. The person chasing me, the thing chasing me, caught up to me. He.. he had no face, just two balls of fire as eyes, glaring red. He told me to wake up, in the deep, devil's voice, but then he said it again, in Danny's voice. That's when I woke up." Rayven admitted the terror, and the Doctor noted it down.

"Right, well, that's a new fear."

"Fear?" Rayven didn't understand. "No, these aren't fears, these are night terrors."

"No, these are fears, forced into night terrors. Let me explain. These night terrors, the china dolls, the zombies, the forest, all of these are your fears, from either places or objects you've encountered, or just your own mind making a simple thing even worse than what it really is. Over the years, you've visited and had experience some things, others you haven't, and your mind made you think these places are scary, therefore, you get a fear of that particular thing. Then, during the night, your mind replays the thing your scared of, with you there, giving bad concequences, and therefore making you even more scared." Rayven closely listened as the Doctor explained how these night terrors worked, and the whole enigma of the mind and the brain.

"I-Is there anything to be done, anything you can do to stop these night terrors?" Rayven stammered, shocked by what she'd just learned.

"The only thing you can do is overcome your fears; overcome the night terrors."


"We've got a simulator, that can simulate the place of the fear, and let you play through it. Like a puzzle, you have to find your way to the next fear, by completing the level. I can schedule you in for a total brain-wipe of these fears, so you no longer get the night terrors of them." Doctor. Vine explained.

"I.. I don't know." Rayven stalled. "Is it dangerous?"

"No, not very." The Doctor told her. "I'll give you a day to think about it."

"Thank you, Doctor. Vine." Rayven thanked the doctor, before leaving his office and heading to the lunch hall for lunch.
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