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In A World Of 7 Billion, I Am All Alone.

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Now I’m in a world of 7 billion and once again, like a young child I’m all alone

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I never had the best of childhoods with my father and the way he treated me, but I had always had someone there for me; Frank was there for me. But now-a-days Frank was no longer there for me and he hadn’t been since last summer. The sad thing was he’d never be there for me again, it’s a sad story about Frank. He was the first person I ever trusted, first person I’d ever loved, first person I was willing to give everything to but the last person I expect to take his life.

When we were teenagers we used to go down the beach and roll around in the sand, he’d used to tell how the bright light of the moon complimented the porcelain white of my skin tone, how the sun captured the shine not only in each individual strand in my hair but that tiny glimpse of light behind my eyes that not many people could see, infact it was only him who could see it. I used to stare at myself in the mirror for hours, trying to see what he saw but failed every time.

“Gerard, never let them take the light behind your eyes” He used to say to me, then he’d kiss me so sweetly and I’d feel as If I belonged. With him was the only place I felt as I belong and probably will be the only place I ever feel like I belong. He loved me for me, he never judged me for the scars on my body or the extra few pounds I carried around my stomach and hips, in his eyes I was perfect and in my eyes he was perfect also.

Our first time was the most special and perfect moment in the history of my life. He made me feel like no other human had felt before. Skin on skin, sweat on sweat, the friction of our bodies rubbing against each other. The passionate kisses we shared that were so full of love and lust. The pain, the pleasure, the way his body mould perfectly with mine. That was one moment I could never and will never forget.

When he ended it, I was asleep in his bed. I remember him leaving the room and he never came back. I remember getting up at 4:57am to be exact and walking into the bathroom to find both of Frank’s wrists slashed wide open and his body slummed against the wall in the shower cubicle. His body was smeared with fresh and dry blood and the shower was still running. I didn’t know what to do, all I knew was I was too late and if only I had come earlier to see what he was doing I could of saved him I could of saved his life. But it’s too late to change things now, I never got a reason to why he never even left a note. His last word to me on the night when my world collapsed around me were “I love you, never let them take the light behind your eyes”.

I do see that tiny bit of light now that Frank saw, if I look deep enough into the reflection that stands right infront of me. I’m not the person I was back then and I never will, not without him. Now I’m in a world of 7 billion and once again, like a young child I’m all alone.
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