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A break, you say, a break is what we need.

Bullshit, I say, you're seeing another man behind my back.

No, you say, we need a break, all we have left is fucking and fighting and I can't do it anymore.

I don't say anything.

You leave me lying broken, naked, exposed to the world. You leave me lying in a fucking bathtub, the water cold as ice. It's chilling my bones, sucking out the warmth from my wreck of a body and replacing it with cold, hard stone.

I know you are seeing another man behind my back. I can smell it on you - you smell like cheap cologne and sex. I know my own scent, and it doesn't smell a fucking thing like that.

For a while, I just lay in the bath, cold and limp and dead to the world because my world just got up and left me. It's 2 in the fucking morning. We were having sex in the fucking bathtub. You got up and left me. At 2 in the fucking morning. Dripping wet.

There is horrible truth lingering behind your words. All we do is fuck and fight. We have sex, we scream at each other, doors are slammed and within a day you are moaning my name. We both know it's been going downhill for a while.

I didn't expect it to be like this.

I fall asleep in that bathtub, the icy water shaping my body and my mind until I'm no longer me. I am a ghost of my former self. I am a blood-soaked warrior, and I am going to fight this battle. I am different. I don't need you.

I need your blood.

A/N: This came outta absolutely fuckin' nowhere. I'll write a second part tomorrow. Also, it'd be really fuckin' cool if you guys could go read my oneshot, Grey? (( )) It's something I worked on, and it's something I'm proud of. Endigo from Overworld read it. My best friend's teacher read it, and it's being entered in a poetry competition. So yeah, read it? Anyway, rate and review away, and I'll be off to find another way.

Keep the faith,
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