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Gerard learns more about Frank.

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Chapter 4

The next morning Gerard woke up early for a jog before work. He ran until the sun had completely risen into the sky before turning back to go home. Gerard took a quick shower and drank his routine glass of coffee before leaving to go to work. When he got there, Ray was sitting at the desk across from his; Ray took a drink from his mug before smiling up at Gerard.

“Hey man, how was your weekend?” Ray asked warmly.

“It was good, took Lindsay out last night. How was your weekend?” Gerard reported.

“That’s good man, and mine was just fine. Christa and I went out and saw that new horror movie. It was pretty good; I even jumped a few times.” Ray chuckled.

Gerard sat down at his desk, “I heard that movie was good, maybe I’ll take Lindsay out this weekend to see it.”

The rest of the day dragged on and Gerard was thankful when the clock chimed five. He put on his coat and he and Ray walked out of the precinct together. Ray unlocked his car and turned towards Gerard, “Have a good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ray said, his breath coming out in white puffs.

Gerard gave his friend a small wave, “You too buddy, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Gerard got into his car and began to drive towards his grandmother’s house. He visited her every Monday after work. She still lived in the small two-bedroom house that she owned when Gerard went and lived with her. He pulled into the gravel driveway and walked up to the front door. The yellow paint was chipping from years of New Jersey winters and the grass in the front yard that used to always be green was now brown and withered. His grandfather used to always take care of the yard but after he died, Elena never touched it again. Gerard knocked on the door and instantly he could hear Beauty, his grandmother’s old terrier, barking from behind the door. The door opened and Elena looked up at Gerard. Elena was an old, sweet woman. Behind her wired-rimmed glasses were a pair of hazel eyes and she always wore her grey hair in a long braid that cascaded passed her shoulders.

“Oh, Gerard dear, I forgot that it was Monday! Come in, come in.” Elena smiled and ushered her grandson into the small, warm house. “Would you like some tea? I have some hot water brewing?”

Gerard grinned as he removed his coat, “That would be great, thank you.”

He followed Elena into the kitchen and watched as she poured steaming water into a mug. Elena handed him the warm cup and they walked into the living room. “So grandma, how are things?” Gerard asked as he sat down on the couch, Beauty jumped up and curled up beside him.

“Oh…same old, same old, I finished that crossword book you got for me for my birthday.” Elena smiled.

“Really? That book was huge!” Gerard chuckled, “I’ll get you another next time I run to the supermarket.”

“You don’t have too.” Elena stated.

“No, I want to too. They keep you entertained.” Gerard grinned. Gerard looked at his picture that hung on the wall opposite of him; it was the picture taken right as he graduated from the police academy. Next to it hung a picture of Mikey. It was an old picture, one from when he was nine, one of his front teeth were missing. Gerard sighed and tore his glance away from the picture.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Elena asked.

“He will be turning eighteen next month.” Gerard mumbled.

Elena took a deep breath, instantly knowing what he was talking about. “I know, sometimes I wonder what he’d look like; if he’d be tall like your father, or maybe shorter like your mother.”

“Do you ever wonder if he’s still out there somewhere?” Gerard asked looking at Elena.

“Of course I do everyday.” Elena stated. Gerard thought back to Frank. Mikey’s time is running out. Gerard could not get Frank’s words off his mind.

Gerard and Elena talked for a couple more minutes before Gerard claimed that it was time for him to go. Elena walked him to the door and gave her grandson a tight hug before watching him get into his car and drive out of her sight.

The next few days went by agonizingly slow for Gerard. He hadn’t heard a single word from Frank since the encounter at the restaurant, and he begun to think that he never would hear from him again; another dead end. Gerard also had not been able to sleep for more than a couple hours each night. He would have horrific nightmares about Mikey and what he could be going through.

Gerard sat at his desk and looked though the files for anything or anyone that could be related to Frank. He groaned as he saw the huge number of matching files that have someone named Frank in the reports. He knew that there would be no way that he could sift through every single one. Gerard remembered how young Frank was, so he limited it down to cases involving children or teenagers. He watched as the number decreased significantly. He sighed and got to work, opening reports one by one, and closing them once he was sure that they were not relevant to Frank. Just as Gerard was about to give up hope he glanced at one more file. It had to do with the death of a twenty-five year old man, by the name of Frank Iero, he was sitting in his car when another car drove up beside him and riddled the door and side with bullets. The man was dead when the paramedics arrived, but a seven-year old boy sat in the backseat, clung to life. After spending two weeks in the hospital the boy was put into the care of his uncle.

The young boy’s name was Frank Iero Jr. When Gerard saw the picture of the boy he gasped. The boy was considerably younger, but he had the same facial structure of the young man Gerard had met at the café. He knew that this was the same boy.

“What are you looking at?” Gerard jumped as he heard Ray ask from behind him.
Gerard quickly exited out of the search and turned to face Ray, “It was nothing, just following some different leads involving the Smith case.” Gerard lied; Ray gave him a skeptical look.

“Oh really? Why didn’t you want me to see it then? We are working the same case you know?” Ray inquired.

“It’s not that…the lead was a dead end anyway, no reason wasting your time as well.” Gerard stated.

Ray chuckled, “Whatever man, you don’t have to tell me.”

When it was time to go Gerard grabbed his coat and rushed to his car. He smiled to himself, I know who Frank is.
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