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Originality Is Attractive (Grow Some Balls And Stop Stealing Other People's Shit, You Wankers)

by AmericanHorrorStory 3 reviews

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres:  - Published: 2013-07-06 - 123 words

Do you really want to do this again?
Do you really want to copy someone else?
Are you so unoriginal that you have to steal someone else's fucking mind?

Are you really that fucking desperate,
Are you really that much of a vomit-stained liar?
Sitting so high and so fucking mighty,
Your ten-mile throne is made of your little white lies.

Whatever you choose, know that I'll hate it.
You're a fucking disaster,
You've got deceit on your sleeves.
You've got the blood of the last original sin smeared around your lips.

Faux everything, false this and fake that.
Disgusting little wench, sick little rat.
Piss off back where you've come from.

Should be a fucking screamo song. Might pitch this to Frank.
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