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Our Final Wishes

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They took my best friend away from me; now I'm here to get revenge on them for what they did.

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Our Final Wishes

There isn't a way to describe the feeling you get, looking down at the person you once called your best friend; laying peacefully in a casket.
It's a mix of various emotions running through your mind, to the point when you start believing your either borderline bipolar or pregnant, just based off your mood swings.

One minute, your content with it all. They're not suffering, they must've thought it through, it could've been natural causes. The next; your laying curled up on the floor sobbing and begging to get your best friend back.
It's quite terrible, the thought of living a life alone, without that one person at your side is gruesome, tears at your heart, puts machine gun wielding, trigger happy, epileptic elephants in your stomach. It puts tears in your eyes, jumbles your thoughts and leaves you sitting, wondering what life will be like from now on.

"Can I have your attention everyone?" His brother stepped up to the stand, wiping at his tear stained face once again. "As many of you will agree, I had no fucking idea it was this easy to lose someone you believed was invincible. To have them slide through your fingers, and float away just out of your reach. As you all know; we are here today This isn't right; I know damn well that my brother would hate to have a funeral. He told me over and over about how pointless they are, about how he refuses to let a group of people cry, and look at him at his worst. Whoever decided to give him a funeral. Fuck you, respect him as if he was still live and kicking right now, not as some dead kid! You lowlife assholes." With this, his brother stormed away from the stand, approaching me; at the point of breaking down.

"Nate, why am I not surprised you showed up?" He put on a small grin, as I shrugged, straightening the dress my mother forced me into.

"Well, I was kind of forced really. I didn't want to attend this, because you and I both know Xav wouldn't want some big party like this; but I wanted to at least say goodbye." Tears filled my eyes as Trent grabbed my hand softly, walking up with me to where his brother lay.

Tears began falling, as my voice betrayed me. I shook my head, wiping at the tears on my face. Taking a minute, and a few deep breaths later. I whispered

"I'm so sorry, I wish I could've been there, that I could've made it all go away. I swear though, I'm going to get revenge on those assholes who put you through hell. I promise, but for's goodbye, hope to see you again." I whispered, biting my lip and containing my sobs.

"Come on, lets get out of here." Trent mumbled, tugging on my hand and leading me outside.

"It's sunny out." I mumbled, feeling a pair of arms slip around me.

"You going to be okay?" I heard Trent whisper, as I nodded

"It'll take a bit; but yeah. Now for the real question, will you?" I heard him suck in a deep breath before answering

"Same. But with the revenge thing, I'm helping. No matter how much you whine, bitch or fight. I need to know that whoever pushed Xavier to this, knows what it's like to go through the amounts of pain he went through." I merely nodded, considering my various options for revenge.
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