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Sweet Nightmare

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Billie Joe has an anxiety attack. /Trillie/

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(around 1994 when Dookie got big.)
''You guys are getting big, man!'' ''When's the next tour, man?'' ''Congratulations!'' Those were sweet words for Tré and Mike. Not so much for a scrawny green-eyed guy people liked to call Billie Joe. He always was insecure and although he didn't like to show it at their concerts, Billie Joe was always on some pill.
''What if they laugh at me?'' ''I'm not good enough.'' ''They'll hate us.'' Those kind of thoughts were always rambling through his mind.
Crap. He looked at his watch. 2:00 am. It was a rainy saturday night and last time he checked, it was 9:00 pm. Adriene would always calm him down when he had those thoughts but Adriene was at her parents right now, he'd probably be alone for two or maybe three weeks. Billie sat on the edge of his messy bed. He could even feel the dark circles around his eyes. He was barely getting any sleep lately... and it was really fucking him up.
The only person that could calm him down was... Tré. Billie Joe accidentaly pronounced his best friend's name out loud.
He dialed Tré's number and bit down on his lip, whispering ''Please be home, please be home, please be home...''
Billie Joe just wanted to hear his warm voice, his laugh... He kept biting down on his lip until he heard a slurred sleepy voice on the other line.
- Uh... hello?
Billie Joe felt a familiar warm feeling spreading across his chest.
-Uh.. T-Tré...?-Billie muttered.
-Billie, man? Why the fuck are you calling me at the...-Billie heard a loud ''Bam'' before he heard Tré's laugh- asscrack of down?
-Ehm... uhm... I-I just wanted to talk to you.-Billie answered.
-Billie? -Tré spoke softly, noticing Billie wasn't alright.- Are you okay?
Billie shook his head and answered:
-N-no... not really.
-Can I come over?
With that, Tré hanged the phone and after 10 minutes, Billie heard a noise downstairs, it was Tré opening the door. Billie curled up under the sheets, trembling.
-Billie... ?-Tré shouted, walking upstairs.
Carefully, Tré opened the door and walked in, sitting on the bed.
-Billie... -Tré shook his head and kicked out his shoes before taking his shirt off, laying beside Billie.
Billie stared at him with his wide-open green eyes as the other man wrapped his slender and strong arms around him. Billie laid his head on Tré's chest, closing his eyes.
-It's just... so hard. -Billie muttered, closing his eyes as if he was on pain.
Tré just nodded slowly, leaning down to press a soft kiss on Billie's lips.
-I know.
Billie kept his eyes closed, his heart pounding so fast it looked like it would burst out of his chest.
-Tré, I'm a nightmare.
Tré grinned a bit and kissed Billie's temple as he muttered.
-But you're my sweet nightmare.
It was raining hard. But Billie was already used to it.
And so was Tré.
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