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This is actually fucking worth a read, so.

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The sky is streaked pink and orange and yellow as the sun rises over California. There is not a sound to be heard in the house. Her husband is sleeping right next to her, and her baby is finally quiet.

She looks over at him and a fond smile curves her cherry-red lips. Her eyes scan over the locks of hair strewn across his pillow, and she leans over and touches them. Just cards her fingers through them. She lies next to him for a while, mind painfully awake and breaking at the seams. She's an energetic woman, but she also wants to lie in bed and watch her beautiful husband's chest rise and fall in the same pattern it's done for 36 years.

Slowly, the energy fills her body and she has to get up. Slipping her legs over the side of the bed, she pads out of the room they share. As she walks the corridor, her mind is practically screaming out for her - she knows what it wants.

She snatches her laptop off a table and finds a comfy spot on the couch, crossing her legs so she can use them as a table. She's starting to regret this now - she knows what will happen, and she knows the irreplaceable feeling of hatred start to blossom inside of her, but she ignores it, opens up an Internet browser. She types her own name agonizingly slow - letter by letter, but it's there soon. She opens the first search result, and there it is - that feeling of guilt and hatred is there.

Every negative, horrid, awful word stings at her already fragile mind like a bullet - piercing her, leaving more mess for someone else to clean up, and she feels like such a fucking failure. She hates the fact that people think this about her, that they think she's inadequate. She thinks she's inadequate now, too.

Footsteps sound behind her, and with a hurried swipe at her cheeks, she turns round to smile lightly at him. He spots a few stray tears, and doesn't say anything - just lifts the laptop off her lap, and opens up to what she was looking at. His eyes scan the pixelated screen and within moments he's snapping the laptop shut, almost breaking it. He pulls her close, wraps his arms almost too-tight round her, and tells her that everything is gonna be fine. He tells her that she means more to him than anyone else ever could, she is his wife and she is his best friend.

He lifts her up, carries her back to bed. He kisses her, all over, muttering 'pretty' softly as he roams her skin. She's looking down at him now, and all she can do is smile, because she's his, and he's hers. Nothing - or no one - can ever change that.

Alright, I wrote this about band girlfriend/wife hate. It's a GerardxLindsey, if you can't tell. But seriously, girlfriend/wife hate is fucking disgusting, and you see it everywhere. Like, on tumblr, there are LynZ hate blogs. That's fucking disgusting.

And you know what makes me the angriest? People accept those words, and fucking agree with them. I see so many band girlfriends/wives get shit they don't deserve, just because of their man. Here, I'll make you a little fucking list.

-Lindsey Way.
-Alicia Simmons-Way (she got shitloads of hate.)
-Jamia Nestor (I've seen a lot of hate for her, too.)
-Sarah Cantergiani (I know what she did, and I don't encourage it, but really now, the stuff I see about Sarah is just plain sick.)
-Juliet Simms (Andy Biersack's girl; I feel fucking sorry for her, the amount of crap she gets is insane.)
-Sarah Urie.
-Sammi Doll (Jinxx's wife.)
-Lisa Ruocco (Alex Gaskarth's girlfriend.)
-Christine Bandy (William Beckett's girlfriend.)
-Katelynne Quinn.
-Rachel Cohen (Vic Fuentes' señorita.)

Why the hell would you even think of sending hate to someone who's done jack shit? I know Sarah's done some pretty awful things, but if she makes Mikey happy, so fucking what?! They're all fucking beautiful women, and I'm proud to call Lindsey and Alicia my role models. Seriously, though, don't fucking hate someone just for who they're dating/married too.

The word 'slut' is a fucking awful word. It's okay to describe a character like that, because that character is not really a real person and cannot be offended by such a term. When you use it in real life, though, it's a case of 'why are you saying that'? Jesus, guys. Grow some balls.

I think the hate stems from pathetic little 11-year-old girls who think they'll be '4evef wiv gee XOXOOXOXOX' and that's just wrong. You gotta realize that these men are taken, and happy, and don't want your pre-pubescent ass. It's alright to, like, fantasize to yourself though, because if you keep it to yourself, it doesn't offend others - as long as you don't end up in some loony bin being treated for a disillusioned personality disorder or some shit. Writing fan fiction in which you steal said band member from the one they love is fucked up, and yeah. Keep it in your fucking heads unless you have a friend like Ellie who you can ... fantasize about Frank Iero doing inappropriate things to your body. Hey, the difference there is, I don't write a million fanfictions about stealing him from Jamia, who I fucking adore anyway.

In short: say shit about band girlfriends/wives and I will kick your fucking ass, they are really such lovely people who don't deserve all the shit you fucking obsessed fangirls give them. I know that whoever I date/marry when I'm older and possibly famous will know exactly what to say in an emergency like this - "FUCK OFF."

So yeah. Love is the new hate, guys, love the women that make your band men happy.


PS: This was basically a giant rant, but I didn't want to clutter the section up, so I wrote something to go along with it.
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