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It's always been about you (chapter 3)

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I love when you hold. I can sleep in your arms forever.

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I don't know what it is, but there is something about her being in my arms that I love. Her soft, tan skin. How warm she feels when she lightly presses her body against mine. she looks so peaceful and at ease when kaitlyn is asleep.

When she is facing me I get so caught up on her. Kaitlyn's black coffee and light green eyes, making my heart every time she smiles at me. I'm lucky to have someone as amazing and as gorgeous as her.

I can't tell if she is sleeping because her eyes are closed, so I her cheek and whisper" I love you". She gently places her hand on my cheek and says" I love you too".

Kaitlyn's innocent, cheery stare stings my heart, when she goes to kiss me, I just want to kiss her forever, till the day we both kick the bucket. She makes my heart beat faster. When she holds me tightly, that's when I know she will never let me go, and I will never let her go.
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