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...are now close , results are up! :)

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So I changed accounts for once, since I couldn't access my last one. Maybe some of you might remember me as the-corpse, I don't know but I created this account because I want to make a new story I don't know it's name yet but it involves MCR aduh!

The story is about young Mom(one of you people, I will hold auditions) living with her two kids(auditions) 
So one of them befriends Gerard Way. 
This isn't a high school  sweethearts story, no Gerard meets this woman and falls in love with her, once again proving that age is but a number, and....

And I'm not gonna tell you the whole story 'cause then I would have nothing to write about. 

So yeah thus the new story is born. If you guys want this story to happen audition for it. You know what to do.
If not then:

Age(depends;kid or mom)
Personality(take into consideration that if your playing the mom, you have children you can be a hippie for all I care but you have to set a good example)
And which part do you want? And why?

Also if you don't get a part and still want to be part of the story you can be a neighbor, mom's friend, creepy hobo who hangs around the neighborhood drinking milk?
Your decision.

So yeah audition and I'll let you know as soon as possible :)
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