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Our tale is at an end

by FightingForever 3 reviews

A drink, a toast and all we hold dear...

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And what an adventure we've had my friends

But I'm afraid we have reached our bitter ends

So let's raise a toast for all our acts

For friends present and lovers past

For our once fortunate freedom dead and gone

For every treasured word in our tragic love song

For the stars that shone in our twilight haze

For the sun that blessed our endless summer days

For the words we scrawled in bathroom stalls

For our joy filled footsteps echoing through halls

For that blue eyed one you might have kissed

For the chance of happiness that you missed

For those who wished they could stick around

But are buried six feet under the ground

For your need to follow your own sense of fashion

For all the things that filled you with Passion

For the utterly ridiculous and truly absurd

For every single voice you've ever heard.

A drink for the broken sleeping on the street

A drink for the victims buried beneath your feet

A drink for those who saw it all

But couldn't help and had to watch them fall

A drink for the eyes that pulled you in

A drink for all the places you wished you'd been

A drink for all the memories lost

A drink for all it ever cost.

So swallow it down, every drop

And smile as your heart begins to stop

For when all is said and done my dears

A lot of our lives was filled with wasted years.
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