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Milk bottles

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Fluffy short story about Trillie.

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(around 1992)
Billie heard a loud burp coming from the kitchen. He rolled his eyes as he got up from the couch. He was watching The Simpsons.
''Tré...'' Billie shook his head and walked toward the kitchen, where he saw an empty milk bottle on the counter and a big smirk on Tré's face.
''What the fuck, Tré?!'' Billie asked.
''Uh oh, I'm sorry.'' Tré shrugged in the most adorable way ever that melted Billie's heart.
Billie shook his head as a small grin appeared across his face.
''Next time you do that, you're gonna have to sleep with me.'' Billie said playfully, tilting his head to the side as he winked once toward Tré.
''Uh... w-well, okay then.'' Tré stuttered, feeling his cheeks going red.
Billie Joe just grinned and walked to the living room slowly, sitting on his chair and crossing his arms. He rolled his eyes as he heard another burp coming from the kitchen. again.
He got up quickly and ran to the kitchen. Crossing his arms, he saw another empty milk bottle on the counter.
Tré, grinning, approached Billie and wrapped his arms around his tiny waist.
''So... is this happening or not?''
Billie Joe was gonna say something but he was cut off by Tré, who gently kissed him on the lips. Instantly, Billie wrapped his arms around Tré's neck, muttering against his soft lips.
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