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Books and Faces: Don't judge by the cover

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Some books look boring, plain, others look beautiful and creative, others the bindings are comming off and the book is falling apart... Replace the word book with people. Humans. Faces. Us. All th...

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-11 - 455 words

Look around, or remember the last time you did.
Same features were on everyone: eyes, nose, lips...
Yet every single person looked different than the next.
Just like the features of a book...
Every book has a plot, chapter, characters...
But every single book looks different.
This book might not only look different from the next,
But it also has a different story than all the rest.

A book might look beautiful and creative,
The cover well drawn and hard worked on.
But the actual story might be ugly
The story might be the absolute worst story possiblly written
But of course, thats your opinion.

There's the book which has the boring cover and doesn't look promising.
It's just plain, doesn't even stand out among the rest.
But you pick it up anyway, and what you find is interesting.
You get a story you've never even dreamed of finiding.
You're obsessed and spend your days trying to figure out the ending...
You love it.
But of course, thats your opinion on it.

Then there's the book which binding is falling apart
Some pages are missing and the ending doesn't look promising.
What ending? The last pages are gone.
But you pick it up and reaad it anyway...
You fill in the parts with your imagination,
And at the end, you create your own.
The books that look the most damage, the most torn,
Are the ones who have more to look forward to.
Because if your ending is missing, you can create a new one.
Using any color pencil or pen
Any color paper or stencil...
The possiblities are endless.

Would it hurt you, to read the back of the book
Before picking it because it looks pretty?
Would it hurt us, to read the back of a book
Because it looks plain and uninteresting?
And would it kill us all, to grab that broken book
Because it looks like it needs some mending?

Then we come to reaality.
That beautiful girl everyone loves,
Get to know her before you have a love her.
That grey girl that walks don the hallway everyday?
Talk to her and see if she's as plain as you think.
And that quiet girl sitting alone in the corner,
Ask for a name and it might make her day.

The world is a library.
Shelves and shelves of books.
A mix of everything...
In the corners lurk the lonely and broken ones.
All you need to do, is read it.
It's your opinion if you like it.
Lose it or chose it.
But don't put it back where you found it.

Put it where it belongs.
With the other books
So no matter where you are,
You'll never feel alone.
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