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You guys are gonna be either pissed or relieved

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Hello guys!
I know, I said I would start updating my fics, and I'm not sure if you guys are really anxious to read my stories, which I doubt you are but if you are...
My computer is not working. Only my Kindle is. I'll be getting my own laptop by the end of the month, but there's another, sort of "setback".

I'm starting the filming of a movie with my friemd since 3rd grade. The exact script is currently in process. We're also gonna be holding auditions later on in the year for some characters, plus the scouting of venues, script polishing, acting(I'll be playing myself, how self centered), editing, and, finally (maybe next year) filming.
Filming is expected to start in February, but, due to hectic schedules and school, we might push that back.

We're also currently working on side film projects, side art projects, and side projects in general.

I will see what's going to go on with the filming of the movie, filming of side projects and working of projects and try and make more scheduled time for fics, off time and, of course, you guys, my lovelies c:

Once again, I'm so sorry for setbacks and disappointments
And I hope to talk to you guys soon. c:
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