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The Cracks On My Skin Can Prove What The Years Will Testify

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Songfic for iViva la Gloria!

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Hey Gloria,
are you standing close to the edge?
Look out at the setting sun,
brink of your vision
Eternal youth
is the landscape of a lie
the cracks on my skin can prove
what the years will testify

Gloria's pale ashen skin glistened in the setting sun over what used to be Oakland. She thought about how things were different now, not really anymore people. They were out on their own, Christian and Gloria. Gloria looked out over the edge of an old factory in which they were taking refuge in for a few days. She liked to sit out on the roof and overlook what used to be an amazing city. She looked at her calloused hands, which make her look older than she really is. Gloria heard footsteps behind her and looked in that direction, Christian was walking over towards her. They exchanged looks and he sat down. Christian knew Gloria was scared out of her mind but she still strived because that's what kind of a person she was. She never let anything bring her down, Christian admired her strength. He admired her pale skin and dark hair and beuatiful brown eyes. He loved her smile and the little crinkles in her eyes when she squinted. Sometimes he would catch her singing sometimes when she thought she was alone where nobody was around for an earshot. She had a beautiful voice. She was his beacon in the dark and he was hers.

Say your prayers and light a fire
We're gonna start a war
Your slogans a gun for hire
It's what we're waiting for

Hey Gloria
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